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Happy Solstice and New Year!

Year end Greetings!

Each year I give you a little something to inspire you. We are getting bombarded with negative energies all around. It would take a saint – to keep their head above water here – just do a little better that normal – and you’ll be fine. My astrologer friend, Madelyn Gerwick ¬†says it’s dangerous energy for travel and driving starting Dec. 21. Please be extra careful this year.

Take Charge Tune-up!

In fact that’s what my freebie this time is all about – a four minute tune up – on how to take charge of your life and get more results. I don’t know who wrote it – I believe it was from a talk I heard, but I’m not sure, so if you know the author – let me know so I can give credit.

Finally, we close the year with my all time favorite -(and I hope yours) called, Make Your Year a Good One. Part one is the true story of an iPad that was stolen and recovered. Part two is the true list of antidotes to a list of all the things this young mother was afraid of Рincluding growing old destitute! (She was barely 30 at the time!) I share it with you because it covers so much ground, and it is a great meditation to use daily Рto get yourself back on track.

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Please, remember to pray for others. Ask for others what you need for yourself, and pray for both yourself and others. We are creating a win-win world and we are learning new habits, creating new opportunities for ourselves and everyone around us. I love this work, I love you! Happy New Year.

Please be extra careful driving – out there.

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