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Energy Healing Discipline

Any discussion of energy healing training would not be complete without acknowledging the very important energy matrix field that allows the flow of chi to be captured and directed. There are many ways humans use this matrix.

When we conduct ourselves in integrity we are aligned with the energy matrix. When we take good care of our bodies and follow the circadian rhythms they need to follow, we create a connection with the matrix. Have you ever labeled historical experiences as the reasons for some of your physical problems? Do these excuses sound familiar: “I didn’t get enough sleep therefore I am exhausted” or “My feet always swell when I travel.” However, with purposeful training of energy and integrity, you can align with the matrix and use this energy wisely.

How do you do this? 1) You can take good care of your body through proper food, exercise, and rest. 2) You can accept your body’s unique circadian rhythms and honor them. 3) You can practice integrity by matching your thoughts, words and actions. 4) You can heal your emotional wounds with energy healing exercises. (Many of these tools are explained in my energy healing books, Beyond the Flower of Life and Waking Up in 5D.)

Of course, in today’s marketplace, you can find an energy healing book that discuss a variety of therapies and modalities, including those that focus on healing with light frequencies and cell-level meditation. Others explore unsuspected roots of mental and physical illness and a method to cast out these energies, with detailed stories of these remarkable healings. Another well-developed method of healing emotions and family issues along with ancestry is known as Family Constellation work, founded by German therapist Bert Hellinger. It is based on the concept that guilt and lack of acceptance drive the individual to seek to belong. Also the Emotion Code and Body Code energy healing was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to address a myriad of physical issues with their underlying causes that may include past lives and trapped emotions. There are many trained professionals in each of these modalities. I am familiar with and exposed to their tremendous healing capabilities and recommend these therapies in general.

As you face your own dramas, however, it is important to consider what would happen if you moved into wonder. “I wonder where the money will come from to cover the rent?” You don’t ask yourself expecting an immediate answer, but pose the question as if your unseen helpers and the matrix of your life will produce the answer. You do not have to know how this will work out. When you move into wonder you give the universe something to work with—because you’ve moved into solution energy, which becomes a healing energy in your life. “I wonder how I can get more out of my life?” “I wonder how I will get this project done?” Consider multiple solutions. Brainstorm with others, and let all restraint be removed.

As you practice these new approaches, your confidence in yourself will grow. Using energy to heal emotionally and physically will expand your heart. It is no surprise then, that the most profound healing energy quotes discuss the wonder of the heart’s ability to influence the world around us. Let the universe surprise you. Tell yourself, “I expect to be amazed.”

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