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How Astrology Works for Me!

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As I write this, we begin a period of “blue” communications according to Astrologer, Madeline Gerwick. This means that we are in the “shadow” of the (so-called) reverse energy that is created when Mercury goes retrograde. Retrograde is the energy of a planet that is going slower than earth, we pass it, and thus it appears to go backwards, or retrograde.

This shadow “effect” (before the actual retrograde) causes us to make mistakes that we find later during the retrograde. Now is the time to slow down and be a little more peaceful with yourself, and your urgency to get things done! At the same time, you may have a nagging feeling that there’s something you are supposed to be doing … the simple answer is looking at what Mercury rules, equipment and communications. Now is the time to get you computer backed up, and your car repair handled.

When you have a busy or full life, this slowdown of activities may seem nearly impossible at times. However, I’m going to show you a number of things that you can do, and utilize the “bending of time” to your advantage! I watch the astrological cycles like a fisherman watches the moon phases that govern the surf.

Time is malleable. Did you know?  If that’s so, what’s with all the astrology talk? The purpose of this discussion is to expand your connection and awareness to time, and the templates that govern it! Time is thought to be mechanistic, even though we have plenty of data that suggests that time can be both compressed and expanded. This compression or expansion is solely based on our experiences, the car accident “experience of time slowing down.”  The waiting forever in a customer service line.

Astrology is a template. It is part of the 3D game that is set up for humanity’s highest and best good. Humans are gradually shifting out of time as a mechanistic experience to a more fluid expression. Part of this is to move through the time space continuum with grace and ease, becoming 5th Dimensional.

Because Astrology is a template, it’s like the “set up” for a game of chess (or a video game). All the “men” on the board have certain moves along with limitation of what they can do. It’s up to the player to utilize these moves to his advantage. When I was a teenager, I was guided to memorize all the moves of each piece on the chess board so I could practice with my friends. I taught my children to play chess as an exercise in mastery, and continued to play with them until they beat me regularly! I think it was no longer a challenge for them!

The metaphor of Astrology being a template is important, because it helps you see that you have the advantage – if you will use it! How will you use your “thinking” advantage? First, recognize that this template is part of the “set up” for the game of life. Being aware of the “trends” and movement of the society as a whole doesn’t predict them, but it does provide a strong indicator. That’s why marketers, stock market traders, and presidents have used astrology to ensure success.

Second, work on your sovereignty. This is a little more challenging – since most people do not realize how much power they have given away, or how much they have!  Your power gets taken away in many ways, but always because we may (unknowingly) allow it.

There are many ways to claim your sovereignty. One easy way is to purchase the Orion pendant from It’s hard to claim your sovereignty when you are around narcissist personalities. This pendant helps you hold your ground, and yet be completely loving and supportive. I believe almost half the population has some form of narcissism. You can tell a narcissist because they will “tell” you what to do, instead of sharing what they have experienced. They will “solve” your problems before you have asked them to … instead of listening. Finally, the biggest narcissists have trouble with compromise, and need to feel their ideas and suggestions are the best ones! Dealing with this is another discussion.

Your sovereignty allows you to instinctively know what you need to know, or do, when you need to know it. Each and every one of us is increasing our abilities to tune in and know our best course of action!

I use a simple prayer to align myself with the energies, and then “step out of them” periodically, as needed, for special assignments or special events. It’s important to realize how allowing the template to rule is, and how to recognize when you need to step outside of the template that governs humans. Governing humans is one way to put the game in motion. Your free will has sovereignty over the template. But, just like your GPS will tell you when there is a traffic slow-down, you must manually choose a different route to avoid it. This astrology prayer is like that!

This Month’s Free Gift is:
Morning Prayer and Mercury Retrograde Antidote Prayer

For this month’s freebie, I’ve re-recorded the Morning prayer (with lots of new updates) for you.
You’ll want to paste it into your Reweaving book. I’ve also recorded the Mercury Retrograde
antidote prayer (usually provided in the Akashic Records training). Mercury retrograde is
May 10 – June 3. To maximize this period, you will want to avail yourself of the “slow down” energies
to regroup, reconsider and relax more. Use the antidote retrograde prayer when you have a full
day, and want to make sure all your appointments work out … and that cancellations also
work for everyone’s highest and best good. A special lunar eclipse will occur on May 15, bringing new
responsibility – for your highest and best good. In addition, their presence coincides with
energies that bring in lots of money, but during a retrograde, that abundance of funds may
surprise you – possibly clearing out past debt or debt forgiveness!

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