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How Do You Keep on When You Are Tired of Trying?

This is the story to inspire you to keep on going when there is no evidence that things will be ok. Everyone talks about resolutions for the New Year. What about a set of intentions to use all year round? I originally wrote these intentions for a young mother who was struggling with so many negative thoughts, and was so depressed, that she could not even come up with a list of what she wanted for herself. So instead I wrote a list of all the things she could tell me that she didn’t want! I gave her negative thoughts a voice by first writing down each of the things she was worried about. What were these thoughts? “I am afraid I will be poor as an old woman.” (She was under 30, and beautiful.) “I am afraid I will run out of ideas.” (She’s an artist.) “I’m afraid I won’t have enough money to buy necessities!” (She had just had her debit card declined trying to purchase diapers.) I kept taking dictation of her  “don’t wants” until she couldn’t think of any more things she was worried about. The list had over thirty fears! The next morning she called me and said, “I thought of two more things that I’m afraid of.” I added those to the list.

Next, I re-wrote each of her negative thoughts into positive antidotes. What’s an antidote? An antidote is something that completely neutralizes the issue. These antidote affirmations became her morning ritual on her way to work. She would recite them one by one. She knew what each one was for. It was the intention in what she did, however, that was so powerful that it changed her life in a dramatic and amazing way.

The husband of this young couple had his Ipad stolen. He was so upset he didn’t tell his wife for about two days. He’s a newsman and his Ipad had disappeared while he was filming a story at a Manhattan shop. She asked him, “What was the location in New York City where the Ipad had disappeared?” He told her, and she secretly traveled from Brooklyn with the baby to talk to the store-owner.

Identifying herself she explained that she and her husband were a young couple with a baby and didn’t have a lot of resources. She figured there were two likely scenarios. Either the Ipad was taken by a customer, or it was taken by an employee at the store. She asked him, “Would he be willing to talk to his staff?” He was so inspired by her sincerity that he decided to give the requested speech to his employees. He repeated her appeal, including that there would be no reprisal, just gratitude to get the Ipad returned. The next day, he called to report to her that he had their Ipad in hand.

What was the intention she had used to make this happen? It was: I intend that I am following my inner wisdom so that I am a person of wisdom and integrity in the world. You can use this too. In fact, the entire list of antidotes is available as a recording. You can get it here: It was created with a very specialized breathing instruction that allows you to anchor in healing and manifesting energy. It’s called, “Make your year a good one!”

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