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How to Use Essential Oil for Clearing Negative Energy

How many times have you been shopping and found yourself attracted to a fragrance wafting through the air from a diffuser in the ‘organic’ aisle of the store? Perhaps the lavender, eucalyptus or musky notes of the scent were marketed as air purifiers or calming perfumes. But not all oils are created equal.

These mass-marketed compounds are very different from the products that are divinely sourced and contain specific properties that can trigger emotional healing. If you are searching for pure compounds, then you can count on the partnership of Maureen St. Germain—one of the world’s most respected spiritual lecturers and teachers—for the highest quality essential oil for clearing negative energy. All products are pristine and do not contain any additional carrier ingredients.

We recommend the Orion Series blends, which was previously known as AroMandalas®. They are much more than pleasing scents or exotic perfumes. They have emotional healing power. With practice, they are simple to use and highly effective. How do you use essential oil for energy clearing? First, decide which emotion you would like to work on. Or trust your inner awareness to make a random selection. The latter choice may pleasantly surprise you! To re-balance or repair your field, use 1 or 2 drops in your palm and rub your hands together. This prayerful motion will also warm up the compounds. Using an Intention Disc in one hand, calmly and authoritatively state your objective. (You can visit for more detailed product information about the Intention Disc and wonderful oils.) Make it clear that you are ready to release your emotional body from the issue at hand. Place your hands near your face, careful not to touch your skin, and inhale deeply.

It may take a while to feel a vibrational shift, but you will. This shift may come in the form or a simple cough, yawn or shiver, or it may be an overwhelming sense of peace. This is how you will know that you have chosen the precise essential oil for energy clearing that is meant for you. Because the release can be so powerful, you may want to try this before taking a nap or going to bed. You will wake up clear and released from the emotional and mental forces that were holding you down.

Choosing the right essential oil is so important on your journey toward spiritual awakening and personal expansion. For more than 25 years, Maureen St. Germain has been applauded for her innovative thinking in this field. Trust her and her specialized team with your next practical step toward spiritual cleansing; contact Maureen St. Germain today for more information.

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