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I Wonder What’s Going On?

By Terri Young

Maureen St. Germain’s book Waking up in 5D  has a big section on how to ask questions – even when you are not in the Akashic Records., She has a wonderful way of getting you to look at how to move along in your life and make things easier. She asks us to change the way we challenge ourselves in a softer and more loving way of being.

Terri Young Akashic Guide
Terri Young

In the 2nd chapter of her book, she suggests we ask “I wonder what is going on” when we lose or misplace things. And, because she used the example of losing keys which I am now looking for, I decided to use this technique to locate them.

I am a skilled Akashic Records Guide. I hear the 11th-dimensional beings called Serendipties. but lately, I have felt rather scattered in my listening skills. I decided to take the time I needed to write down what I was hearing. This allowed me to focus and let go of all the background noise, the “what if” scenarios I was running at the time. This made a huge difference since I obviously was not listening very well when I had asked for the keys in other ways.Writing, especially connecting with your Guides, the Akashic Records or Angels is a wonderful way to “settle down” and hear the message or messages being given.

My asking “I wonder what is going on with my keys”? I heard laughter first. I wasn’t listening again, I was still feeling scattered, remember? I stopped what I was doing and took the time to get my computer, relax with my fingers on the keyboard and get the word document up, and started again asking the question. “I wonder what is going on with my keys”?

Once again, I heard laughter again, and they quickly followed with telling me I did not lose them.They are in HIS pocket, my beloved husband!

You see, since I work very hard to NOT lose things, I was surprised that I did not know where this set of keys was, and I immediately assumed and accepted that I lost them. You can see how easily we immediately go to the default of the next judgment. I couldn’t find them so I must have lost them.

It is so nice to have another easy way of taking care of these little irritations that don’t need to be a stumbling stone in our road.

I highly recommend Maureen St. Germains’ Book WAKING UP IN 5D. Its chock full of these kinds of wonderful nuggets of love and inspiration that will come off the page and become a huge part of your life.

We have all read a book, liked it, put it on the shelf and then moved on. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt kind of book .

Now give yourself a new manual of being that will change your way of thinking, and being.

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