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Imagine driving where all the traffic lights are green!

Can you imagine a city street – you need to travel for about 5 miles through traffic lights – GREEN – as far as the eye can see?

Dragon, Clouds, Sidewalk!

Sidewalk Dragon

Today we were driving down a very busy street and I could see cars in traffic everywhere.

We could see the interstate- driving on a ridge above it – in full view, jammed with cars as I looked at it, (it my husband was driving) and he said, “We need to call the dragons!” So much traffic everywhere! So I called on our dragons by name. We asked for them to help us and help everyone around us so that everyone gets where they need to go, with Grace and ease.

We were driving for another five minutes and my husband spontaneously said “I never gone through all these lights straight away with no obstacles.” And all the lights ahead of us were green as well! As she said this I said to myself and then out loud to him must be the dragons!

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