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In and Out of Time

I’m delighted to announce that my latest book, Mastering Your 5D Self has arrived! Mastering Your 5D Self is the follow-up to Waking Up in 5D, my award-winning book from 2017. There was some confusion about a premature birth, (some of you had eBook copies weeks ago, thank you) and today I think it an ideal time to invite you to purchase this book if you haven’t, and to learn from its many secrets, because April 6, 2022 was the official launch/birthday of Mastering your 5D Self! The idea that you can control time is a new one. Most of us are so used to controlling time that we don’t even realize the full potential of our power over time! Sure, it’s easier to use our 3D solutions to control our world, an alarm clock instead of an inner alarm. Yet, once we learn how powerful we are and what we are capable of, game over. Back in 2012 we talked about the Harmonic Convergence. I was leading a group with Gregg Braden in Chechen-Itza when the great Mayan teacher, Hunbatz Men led our group into the cave beneath that pyramid! He chose me to be the last one in, and the first one to leave! I knew this was important. He had informed us that this new era we were ushering in, was to be led by women. Even though he didn’t know any of us, he chose me for this part of the ceremony. The action-oriented energy (male) in each of us wants to get things done now. This is exacerbated by our current culture of instant gratification. (Think microwave ovens, downloadable videos and more.) The spoiled part of us doesn’t realize that is not how nature works! Plants go thru seasons, humans gestate! The path of pregnancy teaches us patience. The action of gestation is a process! A human pregnancy is started by one strong action… and then the waiting begins. We have history of what to expect and very little has changed over the centuries with the seasons or gestation. Astrology is like that.  It gives us a path, an opportunity to know when to achieve and when to rest and take a “time-out” of time!   Astrology should NOT be a dictator! It also is a movable force that we can adapt or adjust. I choose to adapt when I don’t have any special needs and I choose to adjust the “time” when I have a special need. Like your GPS on your car or phone, you occasionally deviate, from its instructions. And, if you NEVER deviate, consider doing so! GPS came out not only as a way to help you find your way, but also as a way to get you in the habit of doing what the “voice says.” Finding your way is important. Mastering Your 5D Self will help you find your way into the 5th dimension, where you’ll be smiling all the time. How do you know you’re in 5D? Everything is funny! This book is an important follow-up to Waking Up in 5D. After the release of Waking Up in 5D, I kept a record of all the new information that was emerging, I felt like the information exploded! Your shifts that you embraced led the way. It was almost as if the new information in this book could hardly wait for another opportunity to be expressed. I also think that the many people who have read the Waking Up in 5D book, did their work, which opened the way for this new information.  I’m still collecting even more information about our 5D metamorphosis and I hope you will stay tuned.

What will you learn?

This book reveals how you no longer need to “heal” emotional wounds to be fifth dimensional, and share practices to transform and transmute emotions instantly. You will learn to increase your connection to Source, and deepen your connection to your divine self, and give you everything you need. Because your energy dictates your vibration, keeping your energy high, allows you to be in a place where no one can touch you. It will give you tools to sustain you in times of difficulty, and we’ve all had those times. It teaches you to grow your connection to all of life. This means that your connection at the level of Source will be so powerful and so important that you will remember who you are and where you came from, and that you are a steward of the Earth.

The Spiral Chakra Meditation

Humanity has engaged in spiritual traditions that have been carried out the masculine way. Mastering Your 5D Self shows you the cosmic balanced way of chakra activation, which will be tremendously empowering. It will restore your original programming at the soul level, which is important to your receptivity and power to receive and transmit divine messages. This information can help you remember who you really are. Exit the drift of mass consciousness and stop being distracted by all the changes that are happening in this amazing time. Take the time to learn the ancient secrets to reuniting yourself with your true self. Humanity is shifting into the fifth dimension, whether you want to or not. This transformation from 3D to 5D will not be a linear process. Our evolution follows a sine wave, moving from ideal expressions back to old familiar ones, then on to even higher ideal expressions. My books and tools will help you explore many spiritual tools and transformative shortcuts, sound healing, and crystals, along with channeled wisdom and advanced insights from angels and other higher beings. Special request: This month I’m asking you for a few gifts… first to purchase my book, second to support me by voting for my book, Beyond the Flower of Life, in the COVR book awards. (Spoiler alert: it may take you 20 minutes to vote since there are so many categories…) Beyond the Flower of Life is in the Iconic Books section.

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*Please note I’m not giving away a “free” meditation this month without your book purchase, instead, I’m asking for you to support my work by buying a book and voting for me. Thank you for your support. Love Maureen

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