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It’s Time to Create Heaven on Earth

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Have you wondered what you are supposed to be doing on this planet? Have you wondered why there is so much difficulty and violence? If you are reading this, you’ve probably come to the earth to be part of the solution. Becoming part of the solution is a two-step approach. The first step is to help you discover a new way to think about yourself and your reality. The second step is to learn how to be proactive and choose a new way of being with your evolved understanding. Get ready – because what is coming next is really big!

A new game.

Creating Heaven on Earth is the opportunity to join the new game in town! Your heavenly self aka your Higher Self aka your Fifth Dimensional self is ready, willing and available to you right now. All you need to do is to ask for it. You can do this by a simple statement either at bedtime or in the morning when you start your day. “I am asking my Higher Self to move into my consciousness. Let it help me to keep my heart open, and my connection to my Divine Self open and clear.” Do this daily.maureen-interview-ft (1)

Why do it daily?

We are in a free will zone – and we get to choose – each and every cycle of sunrise and sunset – what we will align with. We carry the “God Spark” and this grand experiment is going to the next phase, into the fifth dimension – aka Ascension without dying! It’s pretty terrific, and pretty amazing! It’s never been done before. You ready? Fasten your seatbelt!

What’s it like to be Fifth Dimensional?

There are so many factors impacting your ability to stay in 5D that it can be overwhelming. Ultimately, it is an act of will. Anybody who gets knocked out of 5D and then decides to change their vibration to get back will attract what is needed to make that happen. Are you ready to practice this information? Start by asking for “A Day of Heaven on Earth for me and everyone I come in contact with – and everyone I am in contract with.”

When you notice your experiences seem to be slipping into a lower vibration, you can announce you want to be “back in” fifth dimension. Say, “I am choosing to be in 5D.” At fifth dimension, the information is instantaneous and simultaneous. You will probably feel the shift, even when the people all around you don’t observe it. At first, this might be unnerving – but you’ll get used to it!

You may start to notice you are “going fifth dimensional” because you are feeling blissful and loving in a difficult situation. It may surprise you to know what is happening around you before anyone else. It will give you the ability to stay heart-centered, patient and loving – in spite of challenging circumstances.

Please note when you are actually in 5D you will not find any situations challenging. Only when you slip back into 3D or when you tap into your 3D way to think about it, does it begin to dawn on you how you formerly experienced this type of drama. That is when you realize how different you are in those 5D moments. This is the beginning of becoming 5D.

You won’t stay there!

One of the surprising things to some who are still thinking in a 3D way is that it is possible to slide from third dimension, into fourth, or fifth and back to third without noticing or even understanding that it has occurred. It is only in hindsight that you begin to use perspective to notice what has happened.! It’s not like getting a drivers license and once you’ve been 5D you can stay there? Nope. It’s more like having earned a drivers license, yet not having a car. Each time you ask. Each time you borrow the car, the person says yes more willingly – until they tell you to help yourself anytime!

YOUR open heart is the key

Being in the fifth dimension is a frequency choice. It’s also about using what’s available to assist you when you fall out of the higher frequencies. This means your movement to fifth dimension isn’t a direct arrival. Being there doesn’t guarantee you’ll stay there. Certainly, once you’ve been there, it’s easier and easier to get to—if you do move back into 3D. It’s a movement that will keep oscillating until you can hold the higher frequency all the time.

Moving in and out of 5D

This is probably one of the hardest concepts to begin to understand. Think about how you might move through a difficult discovery about someone close to you, maybe you were betrayed. Maybe you are angry, then hurt, then ok with it, then angry again, then hurt and so on. The heart leads the way. If you have a good mind, use it, but then let your heart decide.

What this means is go ahead and let you mind take you through each of the emotions you might experience, but then keep moving; (Limit your “replays” to three.) Where does each emotion take you? Ultimately, as you become familiar with your 5D energies, you will reach compassion.

By beginning to notice and understand the differences between 3D and 5D, you will be able to shift more readily into your 5D self – that is already ready and waiting for you! This is far easier that you may have thought! What about 4D? There’s a whole chapter devoted to this in my new book, Waking Up in 5D.

Remember: keep moving through the negative emotions. Your heart leads the way. Nothing else matters! Mainstream knowledge wants to perpetuate the status quo. Nothing in the universe will support that. The universe is supporting you, and your transformation into your 5D self. Choose to be part of the new now, choose to show up and do your part and wake up to fifth dimension

Waking Up in 5D

One thing is certain, and that is the future is NOT certain. Although much of our future is assured, how and when it will happen is up to us. It is incumbent upon us that we co-create a future that is heart-centered and loving. Maureen’s new book is available in bookstores everywhere.

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