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Joan of Arc in the Akashic Records

Joan of Arc in a Previous Life

by Sylvia Chappell

Sylvia was certified by Maureen St. Germain as an ARI Guide in 2013 and as an instructor for Akashic Records Level 1 in 2016. She is also a certified Past-Life Regressionist and Reiki Master, wonderful adjuncts to her Akashic Records work in helping you to heal past issues that are impacting your present life.

Her readings touch the heart, clarify the soul’s purpose, and often, when directed by your Record Keepers, serve as the conduit for helpful, healing energies from the Record Keepers, Ascended Masters and Archangels themselves. She is often guided to tone healing energies for you. Toning is one of the most powerful healing energies there is because the tones allow your body to resonate to a new vibration, instantaneously changing who you are and who you can become.

Sylvia Chappell Sylvia Chappell

The first time Joan of Arc appeared in an Akashic Records reading was for a client who was told by her Record Keepers, through me, that she had been Joan of Arc! Synchronistically, just a few weeks later, another client was told that she had been a nun in a convent near the village where Joan of Arc was born—one of the first to recognize and verify that this simple peasant girl was receiving divine messages. Over the next few months, other clients heard of lifetimes where they were inspired by Joan’s divine revelations in various ways. One woman found out that she still carried the energy of an arrow wound she suffered as a soldier (male) in Joan’s army!

“I’m neither a Catholic nor a historian. What I know about Medieval France and saints wouldn’t fill a thimble. As you can imagine, by this time, even I had a “burning” desire to find out why this saint from history kept turning up in my client sessions in the Akashic Records.”

Meeting Joan for the First Time

It starts with a client I’ll call Paula. During Paula’s session, her Record Keepers told her that I was feeling a weight, a depression, on my heart center, and that this bodily sensation was part of their message to her. The blockage, they said, came from great trauma suffered in her lifetime as Joan of Arc, and it was still there, blocking her from fully expressing her intuitive abilities. So they asked me to “stand in” for Joan and to speak directly to Paula as if I were Joan of Arc.

Joan said that, as she passed into Spirit, she felt that she had accomplished much in freeing her people from “the English overlords.” Yet what was most disheartening for her was that those who turned on her [the Church and these “overlords”] and sentenced her to death had re-established the hierarchy she had sought to dissolve with love. This was carried forward into Paula’s current life, she said, as a reluctance to “go public” with her intuitive abilities, a blockage to becoming too well known or successful in putting out her message. Paula feared that she would suffer again as those who had at first welcomed her message might turn upon her—just as they did to Joan.

Joan Herself Is Healed!

Then, Joan spoke more personally about the sorrows she felt, looking back upon her life—primarily that many who believed in her were persecuted and killed. She asked Paula’s help in releasing that deep sorrow. At times, Joan said, “I felt pride at being the leader and inspiration—that was a sin. I led many astray; I also helped many. My sin [of pride] and being burned was saying that I was misguided.” Instead, she asserted, “I was true to my guidance. I know I was speaking to angels. I cared most about the common people, trying to free them, yet the Lords reasserted control.” As I said this to Paula, I felt a welling up of emotion—what we Guides call “body confirmation” to underscore the truth of their message.

Paula answered her with compassion and forgiveness. Joan’s tone softened and she spoke more lovingly about her life: “I did what I could to the best of my ability. I am grateful for your understanding, compassion and forgiveness. I feel healed… as if a dove is flying from my heart, that had been imprisoned before due to my unforgiveness… my pride.” Yet, as she realized, “it’s more prideful to judge myself. God does not judge us; Jesus does not judge us.”

“You’ve Healed More Than You Know”

Joan continued: “I send to your heart all the gifts and the courage to come forward with them and the certainty that they are from God… and that you can stay in alignment with your purity in all that you do…. I had a healing touch and I give that to you. You had it already. You just didn’t know it. The key to unlocking it is through the compassion in your heart that you’ve shown to me.”

In closing, Joan told Paula that their work had a larger effect: “You have healed more than you know… for us…. and we send out a great gift of healing to all of our other incarnations… to the dolphins and whales who suffer so… to the Earth to aid her suffering… to uplift the consciousness of all. Thank you. Amen.”

Paula and I were both moved to tears by this extraordinary message from this very humble saint! Both of us felt a great shift as sorrow and remorse carried from that lifetime were released, along with fears that Paula carried from that incarnation about being in crowds and putting her intuitive talents out in public. The Record Keepers confirmed this: “As your heart opens more and more, those who can help you most [in getting your message out] will be guided to you.”

A Nun Who Helped a Peasant Girl

Another client had been a nun in a convent near the village where Joan was born—a Mother Superior who was widely respected for her piety. She was one of the first to recognize and verify that this simple peasant girl was receiving divine messages. In Medieval France, it was vital that the Church validate anyone who claimed to receive divine revelations. Her support helped persuade higher Church authorities that Joan spoke the truth.

The reason this client’s lifetime with Joan came up as a challenge now was because, when Joan was on trial and threatened with burning at the stake, this nun who was now elderly wanted desperately to travel to the site of the trial and once more give testimony. She was, however, unable to travel, and felt great remorse that she could not save Joan from her fate. Even though the Record Keepers confirmed her suspicions that the trial was “rigged” by supporters of the English to find Joan guilty, my client still felt great remorse at having failed to save her. I was happy to serve, once again, as the conduit for energies to help my client understand and release self-judgment and guilt brought forward from this past incarnation.

A Soldier Who Fought With Joan of Arc

One other client had served as a loyal soldier in her army. He was a young man of humble origins in that life, as was Joan. He had immediately known that she was divinely inspired. However, he felt that he had made mistakes that put Joan in jeopardy, or failed to save her from being condemned and executed. He admired this humble, courageous peasant girl so greatly that, even though there was no way to save her from this unjust trial, he still carried guilt, remorse and self-condemnation into this lifetime.

This soldier (a woman in this life) carried a wound from those battles—an arrow had pierced the back of her neck where it was blocking and distorting communications from Spirit, as well as her ability to trust her connection to divine guidance. After I did an energy transfer and toning, my client told me that a sensation that something was lodged right in that area—discomfort that she’d lived with for 60 years—was now completely gone!

Why Joan of Arc? Why Me? Why now?

After these appearances by a saint I barely knew over the course of a few months, I started to wonder…. Why Joan? Why me? Why now? So I asked my Akashic Records teacher and ARI founder Maureen St. Germain for her insights. She said that I needed to understand what Joan of Arc had accomplished. She had inspired and led the French people to drive out the English usurper so that the rightful French heir could be crowned. Immediately, it all became clear.

Maureen and I were, at the time, serving on the Board of Trustees of a non-profit holistic organization embroiled in a stressful leadership battle with a former Board Chair. He contested the Board vote that denied him a second term, filing a lawsuit to have the election results overturned. Meanwhile, he was trying to usurp the role of Chair that I had recently been elected to fill. It was very comforting to know that I had a connection to Saint Joan’s courage, just when I needed it most!

Ultimately the Board battle was resolved in favor of the new leadership, with the usurper’s suit dismissed by the judge. Throughout these challenges, our coalition held as our ideal “heart-centered leadership” and sought to embody leadership by the divine feminine… leadership that put understanding, compassion and forgiveness into action for the highest and best good of the organization.

What was My Personal Connection to Joan?

I wondered what my connection to Joan could possibly be?  I decided it was time to ask my Record Keepers. By now, after hearing fascinating stories from people who fought or prayed alongside this heroic martyr, I fully expected to hear that I had played a role in that epic tale. Instead, they said, St. Joan’s guidance came to me in this life because I had served as a spirit guide to her during her incarnation as St. Joan. I hadn’t even incarnated during that lifetime, choosing instead to help her from Spirit!

My Record Keepers advised me to let her courage and wisdom guide me in restoring the crown of sovereignty to those tricked into giving their sovereignty to usurpers! Since then, I have done that in readings for several clients. Their Record Keepers ask me to be the conduit for energies to restore each client’s “sovereign free will” and their birthright to connect directly with their divine guidance… through the crown chakra!

This is the message of the age, right now, for all individuals to ask for courage to face overlords of any kind. The Record Keepers are there to help; you only need to ask for their assistance. Their aid will be transformative and immediate.

It is also useful to understand that much can be accomplished in an Akashic Records Reading that will have profound, domino-like effects in all directions throughout time. The Akashic Records Guides stand ready to help you!

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