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March 2020 Magic Days and Mystery of Astrology!

Our year ahead in 2020 we are being asked to take stock of what we know, what we believe and to clean out our tool box. We began this cycle in 2020 with a clean slate of all the planets going direct, but not for long. You may have noticed in mid-February that things started to slow down, equipment began to break down, and all your appointments looked like a hackysack game! By now, when this post goes live, you will be in the middle of the first of multiple planets going retrograde this year. Now I don’t let astrology rule me, but like a good GPS, it is a powerful tool for navigation. It’s helpful to know when the bridge is out, so you can either find another way to get something done, or postpone it until a more auspicious time. Astrology is like that. It helps us navigate the normal templates of the universe. We start with a blank slate. To get the game going, the planets influence the energy beaming down on humanity. Humans have tracked this energy for centuries which became known as astrology. There are many different kinds of astrology but they all follow the same principle – that certain planets carry specific energy to influence our actions. What is NOT commonly known about astrology is that you can opt out. I tell my astrologer friends that I know enough to be dangerous – to laugh at myself – because I do follow their information closely. However, there are moments when the astrology agenda and mine don’t match. When that happens, I do a “work around.” We’ll get to that momentarily. What is a retrograde anyway? It is when a faster moving planet overtakes a slower one, the slower one appears to be going backwards, like two trains going the same direction parallel but the faster one makes the slower one appear to move backwards. More importantly, what does that mean to me?” It means that you get to slow down, review the past, reconnect with friends from the past, finish old assignments and put all the “new” shiny stuff you want to move forward with aside! This year we have so many planets going into retrograde it’s going to be a year that movement will take on an entirely new meaning and cause us to rethink ourselves in so many ways! Many people have heard of Mercury retrograde because it comes three to four times a year, lasting for 3 weeks. Mercury, the planet of motion, equipment and communication is affecting you now, (Feb 16-March 8, 2020,) What’s good about a Mercury Retrograde? It’s a great time to clean out your closets, or do a rewrite of a project or book, because you will be able to accurately know the ideal improvement of reviewing what you have or have done. Mercury retrograde also gives you second chances to fix broken relationships and heal old wounds. And, restarting a neglected spiritual practice will be easier now. Many years ago, a very lovely man I had been dating reached out to tell me he had met someone that he wanted to start seeing. Remember, I travelled a lot, and he didn’t get to see me as much as some couples do. I remember telling my friends, “He’ll be back, he met her during a retrograde… “this won’t last!” It didn’t. He came back.

When will this be over?

The good news is on March 9, the planets move forward again, but only briefly! You will have just a little over a month and a half to put all your new plans into motion!  Because after April 25th we have one or two retrogrades impacting us continuously for the remainder of the year! This means you want to get your ducks in a row now, while you are reviewing and resting in the Mercury retrograde. Then be ready to take action. What’s the BEST day to take actions? Well according to astrologer Madeline Gerwick, March 27 has more auspicious and beneficial energy than she has seen – EVER. Aside from this small window this month, all the planets will be moving retrograde including the North Node and Chiron – so get ready for some serious rethinking of well, everything! Better make some good lists of everything you want to accomplish this year, now, and have a blessing ceremony (This month’s free download for this year’s many retrogrades!) Consider the following: We can expect more change and reflection this year than we have in a long, long time. We can find our way through this template the universe provides us with by adjusting our course, rethinking our hopes and desires, relationships and actions, and exploring the deepest wounds in our psyche. It’s all up for grabs this year! THIS is the year to get your favorite tools to help you solve and resolve all the unexpected actions and reactions that will occur. Let yourself be peaceful in this time of uncertainty and chaos. It is time to use your tools, AroMandalas-Orion Series© Oil Blends, your Intention disk and use them proactively. Start playing now, “if I had a magic wand, what would I do to change things?” “If I had a magic wand, what would I do to make my life perfect?” If I had a magic want wand what would I do to help myself or the world? Play this game daily with yourself. It will toss out the unneeded, old paradigm much faster. This is one way you CAN proactively participate in the creation of your future.

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