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Meet your Body Elemental

There are so many changes and opportunities around you, it’s easy to wonder what is coming next! I say, stay in the present. Humanity is converging opportunities. Humanity is converging timelines. I’ve written about merging timelines in a previous article, so remember to be flexible with changes and situations. Many of you are receiving upgrades that you will not notice or understand. This is exactly how you are to live the rest of your life, in joy and gratitude. Keep moving forward!

You are an inspiration to others around you and need to be reminded of how very important you are. You can and will continue to capture the hearts of those who observe you! There is a great deal of distress on the planet, as well as difficult energy. Pray for others in their difficult situations. Don’t worry about the dramas you see around you, and about projecting that fear into your future. Instead of stressing on these difficult situations, move into prayer mode, asking for help in your prayers, asking for healing at every level for everyone you encounter. You have the power and the right to help heal the planet. Your high intention in your prayers is all that matters. You can ask for millions of angels to help any situation. Deploy this huge assistance and quit worrying … imagine you are the general and you may deploy millions. Deploy legions of angelic helpers.

Body Confirmation and Body Elemental

When you explore in your discussions what is happening around you, you may discover that you get goose bumps. When you have goose bumps, or goose flesh, the hairs on your arms or legs stand up, and you see little bumps. It can happen when you are cold. There are other conditions that cause goose bumps as well, including an emotional response to something you see that impresses you with positive emotion. But what about when you get this response on your skin for no physical reason? I call this “body confirmation.” This is your body being in complete resonance with a thought or idea that has been spoken out loud. It confirms the information that was just spoken! This is your “body elemental” signaling you that all systems are in agreement with the information presented.

As a metaphor, if your body is a spaceship – which it is – and you decide to call it the Enterprise, then the body elemental would be called Scotty. Your body elemental is the engineer of your human body. It runs everything. It was created by Mother Earth to help you to be tethered here. You are not from here. No one really is.

Your body elemental looks like you, but is short, maybe three or four feet tall. Normally a being looks like its creator, and your body elemental is deliberately made to look like you, so it may identify with you. It doesn’t have a mental body like humans and it is programmed in a very limited and specific way. It also does not have an emotional body, just an etheric body, that resides mostly in you. Occasionally it walks around behind you, but mostly it resides inside of you.

I once saw my body elemental in a dream, where she was walking behind me. It was over 30 years ago, and I wasn’t as evolved as I am now… so I demanded she tell me who she was. I so frightened her with my demanding tone, that she was shaking as she replied, “I’m your body elemental.” This helps you see the energetic simplicity of the body elemental.

You can give your body elemental instructions, and you can train your body elemental. You can instruct your higher self to acquire continuing education for your body elemental. You may give your body elemental a nickname and issue commands. Be careful that you do not issue commands that are not in alignment with your highest good. When you make these commands, you will want to add for my highest and best good, in alignment with my divine plan. This way, you are not accidentally overriding your internal basic programming.

You can work with this information and allow your consciousness to expand your inner dialog with you and your body elemental. I will give you another example of how your body elemental might work with you. Let’s say you are in a meditation and you fall asleep, yet you wake up exactly when the meditation is over. Perhaps your friend who came with you, accuses you of falling asleep again! In fact, you have moved beyond the eighth dimension! It is at this level that your mind has no capacity to experience and or remember. Imagine you are sitting on a bus next to someone who is speaking in a foreign language to her companion. You may recognize a few words, but after that, you start to tune out their conversation. Pretty soon you are completely ignoring it, because you cannot understand. This is similar to when you think you have fallen asleep in your meditation.

Maybe it’s a guided meditation, maybe it is sound healing. That doesn’t matter. What is really happening is that you are going deep and want to move as much of your consciousness to the higher planes of existence. This requires you to shut down most of your outer functions and allow the consciousness to move its focus beyond this three-dimensional experience. This shut down is controlled by your body elemental. Playfully, I will say, it’s as if your body elemental gets on your inner public address system and announces, “She’s going deep. Everybody, shut down as much as you can, take a break. We will notify you when she’s ready to come back to full consciousness in her body.”

You can increase your capacity to understand and remember. This comes with further spiritual development, and this is dependent upon how you work with your own capacity. This can be increased through spiritual development of the body, including working with the pineal gland clearing and cleaning it. Some people do come in with natural abilities. You may know of someone who has access in higher consciousness. Everyone can gain this type of access with diligence and patience.

This Month’s Meditation is

Activate Your Body Elemental

I have developed this meditation to help you get to know, and utilize, your body elemental. You can make tremendous progress in your physical healing and evolution by working with your body elemental.

My first experience with my body elemental was in a dream in the ‘80s. In this dream there was an exact replica of me, only shorter, following me around, doing everything that I was doing. I called my then teacher, Charlotte, and I relayed my dream. Laughing she replied, “Why that’s your body elemental.” No other explanation was offered.

Over time, I got to know my body elemental, and even named her. I discovered that their job is to run all the automatic systems of your body. It is an elemental being that is created for you by Mother Earth to assist you in your existence on this planet. He or she also pulls programs from Mass Consciousness and integrates all of that information into your physical expressions. He/she tunes into the “energy of all the other humans” and harmonizes and connects you with what is happening on Mother Earth, and helps you fit in.


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