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New YEAR, NEW Forgiveness

It says in A Course in Miracles… that forgiveness is no longer necessary. This book was written long before 5D was ever mentioned or written about. Yet, the message is clearly 5D.

This is because we no longer need to keep score. No more karma means that you and I are not keeping score on each other or ourselves. This is a monumental leap from how we have interpreted this reality. It’s a game-changer for sure. How do we navigate this? We do this one small step at a time.

You might start with teaching yourself and your children, “Are you ok?” instead of “I’m sorry.” I have seen plenty of parents in public places, demanding their children say to someone else, “Say you are sorry!” and the child digs in, and won’t do it!

Far more appropriate to the times we are moving into is that we recognize that we all are doing the best we can, we are all becoming ascended (whether we want to or not) and that saying you’re sorry to anyone creates an unequal relationship.

Trust plays an important part. Initially, you will need to trust others, even when you suspect their intentions are not of the highest order. It’s ok to trust, but verify, and as we become 5th dimensional, we choose to “not judge” what others are doing. This is positive progress! It does not mean we allow others to hurt or take.

How do we do this – when we have had many affronts towards us, and our reactions may be the $100 response for the 10-cent problem? For sure we can enlist the help of the Angels. The AroMandala-Orion Series blends (essential oils) will greatly assist us in self-examination, growth and change. The thirty-minute Angels meditations (either of these two: Rainbow Angel Meditation or The Seven Archangels on the Wheel will take you through a dozen human foibles. The Five Dhyani Buddhas will help you with the five human poisons such as envy, greed and lust and replace them with the highest expression of them.

With these tools you can claim, “I love forgiving.” And pretty soon, forgiving won’t even be a necessary step. “I love…” becomes the operative thought.

Many people forget that there are multiple versions of you and me.  These multiple versions are role-playing all the choices that we didn’t take. You don’t need to fantasize about what you would have done if you had known some important detail that another person was doing, as some version of you, (that is falling away) has probably already done that! Instead know that your “highest and best choice” will serve you in the long run, taking you closer to your 5D self, even when you cannot imagine what that might be. The age of retaliation is over.

Score keeping is not the same as tracking progress. Score keeping implies that there are winners and losers, or good and bad. Tracking progress means you are self-accepting when you self-analyze your own choices! If you know you could do better and wish you had, we have a guided meditation for that, Reality Remix. It is a very powerful guided meditation that provides the opportunity for a “do-over” and that you can transpose that new “more ideal” choice into THIS reality it changes your memory, your past and then produces a domino effect on the present!

I remember ruminating… “When will he learn to appreciate me?” about a son I was putting through college. So, let me ask you, “When will you learn to forgive and appreciate blessed YOU?” As you review your past choices remember to add a little bit of forgiveness to each of the memories that you replace, it will serve to lessen that memory for the new one!

Happy New Year!

Love, Maureen

This Month’s Free Gift is:
Reality Remix
Screen Shot 2022 12 31 at 2.30.34 PM 804x800 1
This month’s free gift is Reality Remix. The basis for this Reality Remix meditation is to use the quantum field to help you release regret, and balance out an old experience that were less than satisfactory.
Essentially you are clearing old experiences, old creations, old patterns, and old intentions.
These are versions of the past that no longer serve us. At the end, you will create a program for abundance, prosperity, love, and light. This will produce a sensation that is pure bliss. Then I will
guide you to create your own programs. We will be mindful to ensure that the new versions we
are creating are from a 5D plane, where no polarity exists.
Just like a movie re-make that has better graphics and better effects, you can do the same with
your own history. This simple technique I share with you in the Reality Remix Meditation is
extremely powerful. Do it once, and experience the results. Then do it every time an “old issue”
surfaces and watch the magic.
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