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Peace and Prosperity Re-emergence

emergence hands blooms sun

Sunshine! Finally, you can go outdoors! Please take care of yourself, and give yourself all the good and healthy things that help keep your body, mind, and spirit in a joyful and healthy place.

Each of you have developed new habits, and new hindrances. Some things you’ve gotten in the habit of doing are just binge watching shows, or gaming for hours. You know what you need, and it’s the good habits that you’ve acquired that you want to keep up, like exercise and meditation!  It’s easy to let that slide… especially with the nice weather, and when the real need to get outside is a top priority!

So now we are in re-emergence. You can do almost anything, (as long as you have a mask!) You need to choose what you want, not what you don’t want. We are being given so much information on the news, or Internet, about the tragedies that are happening around us! I know that we are being overloaded, and if you are like me, you’ll want to limit your input!

Have you noticed that you are manifesting faster? What you think about is what you are creating. The gap between moments of intention and manifesting outcomes has narrowed. Be more focused on what you do want. I am writing on this in more detail below.

Be aware of predictions that you do not want. There are lots of people who will give you advice about what will happen next. When ever you hear of a “version of the future” that does not please you, make sure you do not dwell on it. If you can, take a moment and re-write that future script into a version that pleases you. I have noticed that a number of people are predicting a “second wave” of the illness. When I hear this, I dismiss it.  You can too.

If you have a Higher-Self connection going, you can ask your Higher Self to guide you in your manifestations, asking, “What is in my highest and best good?” I’m not suggesting you ask your Higher Self if this or that prediction is true, because your Higher Self is not a psychic – even though your Higher Self may periodically give you advance information you need. Your Higher Self is the version of you, fully connected to Source to help guide you, to help you KNOW what you need to know, to help you act with confidence based on validating, e.g. (“Higher Self, is this information accurate?”) on any information that comes in! You can do this when you hear unsettling news, and you can ask this when an “idea” comes into your thoughts.

blue background with clouds and sunOne of the ways you can use your Higher Self is to ask your Higher Self about what you will do next, or where you will go next or what you are deciding about – anything you are to do next! “What do I need to do? Do I need to bring anything with me?” If I’m traveling, “Higher Self what do I need to bring?” Always ask your Higher Self in this way, “Higher Self is (fill in the blank) in my Highest and best good?”  You can learn how to create a lasting relationship with your Higher Self with my mp3 workshop Connecting with Your Higher Self

So many of us say, “Should I do this or that…?” I even wrote it in a few places in one of my books! Yet your Higher Self doesn’t really care whether you should or should not do something.  It is challenging to get a clear answer when you use the word “should” so please be aware of that.

On to Manifestation

If you are someone who wants to manifest with intention, your practice to create contentment will aid your process. Your commitment uses peace and prosperity. It is a comfortable feeling. Put yourself in a “state of awareness” that says, “I have plenty, I have resources, I have support.” Become a good actor, “remembering” your prosperity of every kind! It is probably a good thing to focus on peace and prosperity right now anyway! Take a moment and do that now. What will it be like when all the transformations we are experiencing have given us new life, and new views and restored our faith in ourselves and our fellow humans? Writing this – I find myself releasing a deep sigh of relief! You can too. Breathe that sigh of relief!

Next, because you have relaxed your energy, let your shoulders drop. Now decide on something a little beyond your reach. Start with small expanded goals, but not so large you cannot imagine it. Create your intention, and then write it down.  Write it a second time and burn or shred it, knowing the Universe has now received your intention. Think of it like the waiter who turns your food order into the kitchen. Ok, “They’ve got it.” I can relax again. Use phrases like: I have a great time with my family. I allow myself to make 50% more money this month with ease. I allow myself to find the ideal opportunity for (fill in the blank.)

Next you must release any counter intention. This may be too simple for many people. Your “counter intention” is the energy behind your own resistance. Every intention will bring in its opposite. The idea here is to look at the opposite squarely in the eye, knowing you want “the other choice.” Pretend you are at a “multiple flavors” frozen desert shop. You point to one, the person behind the counter points to the wrong one, you don’t get mad, you don’t get upset, you simply say no, over here! Do that now. Look at the opposite choice, with mild interest, and say to your self, no, over here… If you are prepared for your counter intention, you will know what to do when it shows up. Another example is, if you’ve been “looking” for the perfect mate for years, and haven’t found him or her, your belief may be that there aren’t any, or there’s not one for me. Look at that, and agree, *(remembering what you resist persists.) Tell yourself, ok, that’s one possibility. I choose another. I am grateful that my beloved is here. Keep moving into the visual of your manifestation.

Make your manifestation realistic and close to what you currently have achieved in the past. As you grow stronger and more confident, you can choose bigger and bigger manifestations. Start with manifesting, small but above what you’ve ever done.

Start with where you’ve been, remembering that your mind can be easily overwhelmed with “what you don’t want.” Remember to treat all the “don’t wants” with the same, mild dis-interest, and dismissal. Once you achieve a strong sense of it happening, it will feel enthusiastic, and powerful.

Remember, you will begin to see whatever stands in the way, and simply, and gracefully dismiss it, knowing that the universe has taken your order and you are manifesting it!

Ask for help from your Angels and Guides

Finally, and most importantly, remember to ask your Angels for help and miracles. Ask your Guides for wisdom, they have been helping humans for eons, and know their way around. They will give you guidance and direction. They are there to assist you in remembering who you really are – a powerful co- creator. They will help you achieve your heart’s desire. You only need to ask. Remember, if you see yourself doing what may seem impossible, then take the step of asking for help, “If it (fill in the blank) is truly in my divine plan, let it come to me, and I will show up and do my part!” This is one of the ways to step into your bigger mission without feeling like it is impossible or forced!

Our featured download this month is, The Seven Archangels and the Wheel it is fun and easy to do. This effective guided meditation takes you through the seven Archangels in a very powerful and unique way. First the seven Archangels gifts are highlighted and you are shown how you can benefit from their gifts and their ability to help you clear your history, so you can become your most evolved self. And finally, like a Ferris wheel, you go around the wheel one more time, this time loading up new and special gifts to help you be pro-active. You’ll come away from this meditation – a new and unique you.


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