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Summer News from Maureen

We are gearing up for two Sacred Journeys that are mysteriously tied together. Thinking about coming? Sign up today! We have meditations and prayers for you. Mary Magdalene Journey and Scotland Sacred Journey.

New Yorkers – please look for my special announcement at the end on Douglas Cottrell, PhD., who some call another Cayce.

Things are changing rapidly, and we are up for the challenges. Just wait till you read Dan Furst’s blog, Aquarian Airlines. Get ready to make some magic, and the energies of July will help us finally move forward. By now you have started to see your way into the next cycle. Let your heart be opened in this magical time.

I’ve been asked to respond to a report that the radiation levels in the USA are way above HAZMAT levels. The reader’s belief was it may be from Fukishima. We opened the Akashic Records and learned about this situation. Her opening remarks and answers are in italics.

Mother Earth is Golden, and much can be said about the past present and future.

Are the radiation levels in the air over America at too high a level? No. There is another much more surprising answer! Read more here.

This is our last newsletter in this format. We are going to give you updates through our blogs, and shorten the newsletter considerably.

Please do sign up for the blogs so you don’t have one big reading list from us, and can enjoy the updates as they occur.

We Love You,

NOTE: Attention New York Area

See and meet Douglas Cottrell (possibly another Edgar Cayce). Douglas Cottrell’s desperate search to find someone like Edgar Cayce to heal his severely ill daughter in 1975 led him to contemporary psychic Ross Peterson who demonstrated an ability similar to Cayce’s.

Peterson’s readings on his daughter’s health added 20 years her life and inspired Cottrell to explore and develop this same ability in himself in order to help others. Now he’s paying it forward. More info here.

Other News:

You can follow my additional postings in the “Flower of Life Blog“. Check out my MaureenStGermain blog, too. We encourage you to sign up so you get these updates in your mailbox. We promise to keep it short and sweet.

Special Event – A Deep MerKaBa Immersion

This very special workshop is a NEW way to learn or refresh your MerKaBa Meditation and Higher Self Connection. The class setting is at the gorgeous Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health campus in Massachusetts. We have arranged for the workshop to be spread over 5 relaxing six-hour days in this beautiful, vacation-like setting to be an enjoyable, beneficial and reflective experience. Please consider joining us in July.

Scotland Mysteries & Dragon Journey

Scotland carries myths and magic beyond belief. Learn Scotland’s authentic history. The energies of life are changing. This magical journey, led by three goddesses and a knight, will be mystical, contemplative and fulfilling. Join me on a very special Sacred Journey to Scotland dedicated to the Dragons and Archangel Michael this August 23-31. Show up in Glasgow for 8 magnificent days of adventure. Please look here for more information! Pay by June 15 and save $300. Limited space available.

Mary Magdalene Journey to France and Spain

Join us for this fun and spiritual pilgrimage through France and Spain, October 9-19, 2014. We have three slots left. Register now and save late fees! Please look here for more information! Limited space available.

Be A Genie – radio interviews

We are doing lots of radio publicity for my new book, Be A Genie. Many recorded shows will be posted on my YouTube Channel – so be sure to subscribe – if you cannot listen live! Each show is different and for each show there is always information that is new and different and not in the book! We are currently taking a summer break, but you can listen to previous shows.

Click to Listen to Recent Show Recordings

And remember, you can listen to Maureen every month on the Australian-based, available worldwide, Angel Heart Radio!


Be sure to have a look at Dan Furst’s Astrology message here.

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