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The Dentist Syndrome

Years ago, when I worked for a group of dentists, one of them pulled me aside. She said, “We are trained to look in tiny spaces for what’s wrong. That’s how we think!” She was giving me words of encouragement after a particularly difficult meeting!

Some people are habitually defining their world based upon what they do not like. They say nothing when an object of beauty or admiration shows up. Others may define their world by describing their dissatisfaction about a behavior or situation. Science understands it. It’s a habit, and it’s a hard habit to break, but there is a way to change your habit. But before I tell you that, I want to talk about why it is so important to change your habit of describing what you do not like!

When you focus on what you do not want, or what you do not like, you may find you can get stuck in 3rd dimension. This is because when we focus on what’s not working, it locks us into 3rd dimension. Every one of us, is transforming ourselves into a higher vibrational being. This translates into moving from third dimension to fifth dimension.  While we transition from 3rd dimension into 5th dimension, we can fall back into 3rd simply by stepping into the polarity puddle. Like a mud puddle we almost always didn’t see it, before we stepped into it!

So how do we avoid them when we don’t see them? Well, you don’t. What you do is change the population of “thoughts” in your head, by creating a little game of noticing your habit, and then following it with a new habit of finding two or more things on the positive side. This negates it. There is research that establishes clearly that three or more things change the energy field. However, I’ve been using the “two or more” replacement thoughts since 1970. I also talked about it in my book, Be A Genie, long before the research of Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D., a pioneer in the study of positivity who has studied and written extensively on this subject.

Ongoing scientific study of this phenomenon (positive thoughts to replace negative ones), sometimes called the Losada ratio (3:1) established that three positives completely eliminate any negativity and reframe the reality significantly. However, as long as the positivity outnumbers your negative thoughts (by 2:1) you will shift and change!

Today I did a healthy body type test, that said I had both too much cortisol and too little! Interestingly, dopamine, the chemical that’s released in the body of anyone experiencing positive feedback triggers that warm feeling of being cherished, just like the mother when she breastfeeds, her baby gets a dose of dopamine. The competition in your body is with cortisol, the stress hormone, that does all kinds of things to get you ready for difficulty! (Traffic, arguments etc.)

According to researchers, our brain loves cortisol and we often “reward ourselves” by repeating negative thoughts and ideas. Cortisol is a chemical in your brain that tends to flow more freely and spurs negative thoughts, hence it does take a little more work to take on the new habit of two or more positives right after a negative thought. Yet, we have free will, and can choose to balance all of the darkness and the light around us!

Just remember, the job of the dentist is to look closely, into a small environment, to see what’s wrong. She is getting paid for this behavior, you are not!

1 A 2013, a study conducted by Nicholas J. L. Brown, Alan D. Sokal, and Harris L. Friedman challenged the validity of the Losada ratio. Their concerns stemmed from an empirical viewpoint. They did not find issue with the idea that positive emotion is more likely to build resilience or that a higher positivity ratio is more beneficial than a lower one. They found issue in assigning applications of mathematics to pinpoint the “ideal” emotional ratio. (Brown, et al 2013).

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Merging Light with Dark
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