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The Genie first shows itself – Part 2

Amazingly, she provided me with details on how to submit a proposal, which was due in three weeks, and added, “If you submit it for this year, I will speak in favor of it, because I sit on the committee!” She was the one person who would be strongly in favor of this sort of workshop on the committee. She believed there was not enough self-development coursework and she felt the Genie workshop would address that!

She was the exact person to help me and presented herself to me with little or no effort on my part. Coincidence? I think not, we almost didn’t meet! The only thing I did was run my movie over and over in my head and then respond to the opportunity to meet with the perfect person to aid me in my goal.

Of course, I had to do my part. I had to prepare an outline to submit to the committee, which had to be substantial enough to get to the committee review in the first place!

This accomplishment was so huge for me that the first year I was almost in a daze that I actually pulled it off! The second year was the test of my true mettle; for I could see clearly what I had accomplished and wondered if I could do it again. Certainly if it was a coincidence, the odds were against me! If I could do it again, it proved the Genie System worked. It did.

During this cycle of four years, while working at the non-profit organization, I was running a lot of movies. I wanted to have my bills paid off. I wanted to be a great mom and parent. I wanted to do an awesome job at my day job. I wanted to succeed at the seminar business I was starting. I wanted lots of things.

I began offering tours to Egypt during this period. When I was in Egypt, the people called me Mrs. Magic, because many magical things happened while I was there with my groups.

When everyone else was discontinuing trips to Egypt, I was bringing people. I found that when I worked with this magical formula, I was much more plugged into life and how things work than I could ever have imagined. The Genie material will really help you gain this mastery, but more importantly, it will help you define and create your heart’s desire, just like magic.

My life is far from perfect. I have many challenges every day. Sometimes I forget to make a movie. Sometimes I stew over the things I don’t want. I have found that an attitude of gratitude disperses resistance, and that what I dwell on has a way of returning again and again.

I have learned that I can “Be a Genie,” and you can be too. I am so grateful to the participants of my workshops, to my editor and publisher and all my supporters for the opportunity to share what I have learned and discovered. I know that if you learn and apply the information contained in this book, you will “Be a Genie.”

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