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The Golden Sheets

blue spheres

Golden Sheets Condoms of Light
Much of this information came through the Lords of Light

When the Golden Sheets appeared in 2018 in a channeling session for the Ascension Institute members, we all were awed at their power, magnificence and beauty. I honestly had forgotten about them in the past year, until a very astute member of this year’s Ascension Institute was listening to a meditation where I had mentioned them. We began to research, and also asked for more information.

The Lords of Light are here to provide more information:

• They can be like wind shears. Wind shears can diffuse a hurricane!
• They are here in replacement of the blue sphere beings (see photo).
• They can take any shape and surround it.
• It is true that this information came in 2018 and it is needed now more than ever.

Some of you may know of the blue sphere beings that were with us for a long time, that left in 2018. I took the above picture in a cave in France years earlier where they were at my side, I was hiking alone in the Pyrenees. The blue sphere beings were a bit like the parent who shows up to a kid’s party … everyone is on their best behavior around them. Bullies won’t succeed while they are around.

From my ASN Inst meeting from 2018:

These beings that replaced the great blue spheres are “Golden Sheets,” and we can call in the Golden Sheets to do various things. I just realized that wind shears defuse hurricanes! This information lets us call in these Golden Sheets to act like wind shears to diffuse all these hurricanes that are upon us.

I looked up wind shear on Wikipedia and found an interesting note from the internet game called World of Warcraft (my kids played this game). Wind Shear: A quick blast of Ancestral Wind conceals the shaman, lowering his or her threat to all enemies. Makes me think sometimes, we are all getting “training” no matter what!

What do they look like?

• They are thin, gold, transparent, and very wide.
• They have the capacity to adapt themselves to whatever shape is needed.
• They are beings of incredible light.
• They are imperceptible by many lower energies and this makes them great supporters (tool for humans) to manage difficult situations where dense vibration prevails.
• As with every other available support, light-workers must ask for their help.
• You may call them in, to create the Golden Sheets condom of Light around you. You visualize them wrapping things, situations and circumstances, including you, with the Golden Sheets.
• They take the shape of our focus and add their vibration to raise the thing/event/situation’s vibration at the etheric level.

In the Akashic Records Oct. 29, 2021:

We the Golden Sheets have moved into your reality for the purpose of insulating you from the lower vibrations. Introduced to you by Maureen in 2018, you “set aside” this knowing until now when it is important for others to know about and use.

How do we use this?

You “call in” the Golden Sheets as a name, then invoke the coverage area so that you see us a bit like shrink wrap around a product or person. Because our energy is thin and filmy, we are not noticed by lower energies, however, we are extremely potent.

What else may be known?

This is a most appropriate time to release this new intel and encourage others to use us. We have gathered in groups all over the world and stand ready to assist.

Where are you from?

We are directly from Source – sent as an answer to your direct request for ways to help others. Put it into the morning prayer and keep asking for our assistance, love and support. That is all.

The Golden Sheets are mighty shields of protection for you and me. This is your first line of defense – and they are available to all. Think of them like bedsheets or plastic wrap. They can wrap around anything very tightly, and take the form or shape of whatever they are surrounding. They raise the vibration and change the experiences of whatever they surround. They also serve to elevate the higher consciousness of any person surrounded by the Golden Sheets, thus making it easier for them to choose their most evolved choice.

The Golden Sheets may also act as a form of a filter. Just like moths are attracted to the light, entities are attracted to our light. So, if there are any black magic or dark energies coming in – the Golden Sheets make your light invisible to those energies that have an agenda contrary to yours.

Have you ever found that your presence agitates some people? In group settings where there may be lots of human interaction going on, people, including family members, may have entities and energies that are intimidated by your light. They don’t necessarily intend to pick on you – their entities are simply looking for their lunch (more about this is available on Maureen’s blog, in her posting on loosh). By wrapping yourself with the Golden Sheets, those individuals will not see or be intimidated by your light. This means that when you go into any situation, for any reason, your light will not agitate others, or make them uncomfortable around you.

There already are stories of the effectiveness. In one case, a family who was facing difficulties were gloved*, if you will, with the Golden Sheets. When the man of the home was working on the hot water radiator and broke a valve and 180-degree water came flooding out. Although he was burned, he didn’t have any skin burned off his hand. Highly unpredictable. Normally that would be a severe burn.

During an Ascension Institute training session, I asked Lords of Light about the release of this information. The following information came through in a channeled message:

This is the most important time to release this information. A person does not even need to understand to benefit. The Golden Sheets have gathered in groups all over the world. You might be asking, where are they from? They are directly from Source. They are sent as a direct answer to your direct request for ways to help others. You may put them on in the morning and keep asking for assistance and we will provide our loving support.

May we put it around other people without other people without them knowing?

Yes, you may. Let’s say it’s you are hosting family … put them around your home, yourself, the Christmas tree, the furnishings, yourself. Put a fresh Golden Sheets dispenser at the door to shrink wrap everyone who comes through the door. It gives them a chance to level up. It changes their vibe at the etheric level for anyone who is not aware. You are aware. It doesn’t change their free will. It simply levels them up at the etheric level. So that their choices they make are more aligned with their divine self.

How does this happen?

They get clarity with their higher connections, even if they haven’t earned it. Enough to make better choices.

Can it help to eliminate fear?

Yes, because fear is often a match for (fear) energy that is being broadcast. Fear is a messenger and fear is in the reality, originally as a messenger to assist people in seeing their lack of integrity between their thoughts and actions. The third kind of fear – that is coming from outside of humans will not be able to affect you.

The Lords of Light want to remind you that all of these things are 24-hour fixes and you must be focused and clear. When you learn the MerKaBa, even the MerKaBa dissipates after about 24 to 48 hours, until it goes permanent. There are energies that will go permanent with your devotion but it takes a while.

The Lords of Light want to be very clear about this. Many dark energies are leaving the planet … and may be causing upset and disruption as they leave, striking as hard as they can as they exit. When you call in the Golden Sheets, their presence initially is to prevent attacks on you, whether intended or accidental, whether reactionary or not. They also “up your game” at the etheric level, which filters down to the physical level.

The Lords of Light provided more information on the Golden Sheets in a channeled message on December 16, 2021:

We are the Lords of Light, here to support your inquiry on the Golden Sheets. The Golden Sheets are magnificent beings of light. They are living plasma fields that can be called forth at your command. Their presence is an emanation of you using your God-spark power to ask for their presence to assign a work project and to achieve an outcome. This means that there were a limited number of Golden Sheets that were sent out into the reality to be programmed and used by humanity. Each time those Golden Sheets are assigned to a project, another one, like a blank piece of paper, takes its place. In this way you will find the ability to have an unlimited resource.

We ask you to not use this resource frivolously, but to use it with sincere purpose, claiming your God-spark and using them for the purpose of embracing or swaddling a situation or a person or a thing, like your home or your property. The purpose of the Golden Sheets, primarily, is to limit the visibility of your great light that would cause you to attract energy that is not of the light. This harboring energy that is not of the light is in the way of the full activation of the planetary plan of love and light.

Calling them forth means you get out of the way, and the energies that are not of the light cannot see you, but it allows Source and those higher beings who are helping to assist those that are of lesser value, to make new choices – to serve the light or to face extinction. The important thing is that you may use them around yourself, you may use them around others, you may use them around a physical object or an idea or concept that you are working on. This way you will cease to attract those who would have you fail. You will cease to attract those who are jealous of you or those who have misunderstandings about what is going on in the reality.

What we mean by this is there are individuals who sincerely believe certain things that a person must do in order to have what they would call eternal life. Those systems are no longer appropriate, even though they are still operational. And we make the metaphor that when Windows 98 went into the archives, they sent notices to everyone who had Windows 98 on their computers saying it will no longer be serviced, there will no longer be answers to the questions you may have, or service bugs that might have cropped up in the software will not be fixed. So, in the same way, those beings who are not willing to serve the light are being retired, and then they are being faced with options to go into service to the light or not – it is their free will choice. You are out of the way, and you are “out of harm’s way.”

How can the Golden Sheets be used on objects and on your home?

So, you might think of them as Saran Wrap that is clear and gives no indication that it is hiding anything, but is more like a one-way mirror, so those that see in don’t see anything unusual, but you will know your light is visible to those who have that capacity. So, you allow it to shrink wrap or envelop the space you have defined, so that it is tightly sealed within the energy of the Golden Sheets. They are extremely malleable and can adapt to any shape and create a crystal-clear shield that primarily serves to make your light invisible to those who would have you fail.

Can it be used as a protective cover as well? For example, from negative influences or harmful effects of weather, such as a tree falling during a windstorm?

We will say to you that it will serve to mitigate harmful effects. So, if you have the Golden Sheets around you and you are caught in a rainstorm without your umbrella you might get wet, but you won’t get soaked like you might have. So, their influence in the 3D realm mitigates whatever it is that might be coming at you in 3D. If you were in a car situation where the car was headed for an accident the Golden Sheets would allow what you would call in your world – a miracle to occur. And either allow the energy to move into that 4th dimensional energy that they are holding for you, and then slide back out. So, you could literally slide through another vehicle instead of hitting it – raising the vibration. Because the vibrational shift that occurs is that they can slide or slide you into what you call 4th dimension in order to not be a participant in a 3D collision. They might also soften the blow, so a major accident might turn into a minor accident.

We would encourage you to use the Golden Sheets on a regular basis without an agenda. In this way, the Golden Sheets can operate at their highest level. Your agenda may actually lower their capacity. You can see the Golden Sheets around your home and your property line every day. You might see a windstorm, and it might trigger you to do the Golden Sheets, but not out of fear, not out of the need for protection, but out of a place of “oh it’s cold outside, I should grab a jacket.”

There are many who will read this information and perhaps ignore it. We say to you, let them, you will benefit. Do not try to convince anyone. Let them try it and let them see what happens.

We encourage you to look upon this as a primary resource to get out of the way of any dark energy that might be around you or aimed at you. And secondarily, it will serve to mitigate physical impacts which will be a blessing as well.

* The first time the Lords of Light came through with information about the Golden Sheets, the word they used to describe the envelopment of the Golden Sheets was condom. But with the connotation of the word, they began using the word gloved.

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