The Phoenix

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Many of you think of the city of Phoenix, Arizona when you see this name in print. Yet, I’m about to share with you the legend of the Phoenix. A mythological bird whose story exists in many of the Earth’s ancient belief systems including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Egyptian and Native American traditions. The Phoenix is often related to the sun, exists as a single, powerful, benevolent, beautiful and melodic giant bird that can live for thousands of years, and according to legend, births its replacement from the ashes of its burning nest.

When I was in the midst of a very painful divorce from my husband of 25 years, my youngest son, 10 years of age, was in a bead shop with me. He secretly started a beading project. He wanted to pay for something with his own money. (I always gave my children a small allowance to spend however they wanted.)

After shopping, we headed for home in the car where he started to assemble his project. All of a sudden, he was upset, insisting we go back to the bead store immediately. He wouldn’t tell me why, just insisted we go back. I didn’t know what this was about, but he insisted, and asked to go into the store by himself. He came out all smiles and said that he had lost one bead. When he went to purchase a replacement, the clerks asked him why he was buying just one bead. He showed them his project, and they insisted on giving it to him for free.

Later that day, with his project assembled, he appeared with a necklace for me with a “Phoenix” in the center of six beautiful turquoise iridescent glass beads. I had shared with him some time earlier, the legend of the Phoenix – an amazingly powerful bird who would build a nest of fragrant wood, die, and then emerge completely new, having given up everything! He was trying to reassure me and give me hope for an uncertain future. I still have that necklace!

The Phoenix gave the ancients the ability to consider endless life – even though we do not understand it in a corporal world. Legend says the Phoenix is physical, but virtually indestructible until its special time. It shows us a benevolent existence, and gives us not only a great visual, but a beautiful voice as well. Its musical beauty is to give us inspiration and excitement about what is in store for us. It also has magical powers to allay fear and bring inspiration for renewal.

The Rise of the Phoenix

There are Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Egyptian and Native American counterparts of the Phoenix. In the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui master Lam Kam Chuen describes the Phoenix as “A mythical bird that never dies, a Phoenix flies far ahead to the front, always getting the landscape and distant space. It expresses our capacity for vision, for collecting sensory information about our outer garment and the events unfolding within it. The Phoenix, which is great beauty, creates intense excitement and deathless inspiration.”– The Feng Shui Handbook

We are on the cusp of this fantastic metamorphosis – of humanity, ergo the Phoenix. We are seeing many things around us that we know cannot last – the old way of doing or thinking of things – and we have to completely “burn out of our system.” One big example is the problem of plastics. Many organizations are on the cutting edge of eliminating the problem from our oceans. There almost 250 cities nationwide with some kind of a ban on plastics; New York City is the second city in the nation to ban one-use plastics. Each year, around 8 million metric tons of plastic enters the world’s oceans, the equivalent of one garbage truck full every minute!

Humanity is full of problem solvers, creative thinkers, researchers and others who rely on their intuition and dreamtime to come up with fabulous solutions. You should too! When you actively choose this, you can “Wake up in 5D.” This leads to “knowing” without knowing why or how you know. This is the creative process that many of the inventors of the past have found. Consciously choosing to be part of the solution is removing the blinders (of not caring about the end result… like what happens to the trash in the land fill?) This is truly what free will is all about. The act of choosing easily engages you in your 5D self. It’s even easier with an activated MerKaBa.

Any gardener knows that a well-trimmed plant or tree yields more fruit. As a child growing up on a farm, I learned this lesson firsthand. Your own practices of meditation fine tunes your budding abilities and allows you to yield more fruit of wisdom and understanding of the world around you. Your meditation practices fine-tune you to your true divine self.

So how do we change?

First, we begin to realize there is a problem that we need to stop contributing to. This occurs because global awareness grows within individuals and countries deciding they no longer wish to participate in the problem. Then we change slowly. Fortunately, there are many organizations that are creating real solutions for the plastics issue! One such example is 4Ocean. This organization is actively cleaning and promoting ocean cleanup.

When you let go of your belief systems about anything, such as how valuable plastics have been to modern man and now, since we have created a big problem for the oceans with our plastic waste, we “re-calibrate.” Once you recalibrate it is noticeable to you and others.

Recalibration – Another form of letting go

Sometimes we want to control things because we do not feel safe. This is understandable in a world where child abuse and dysfunctional families exist. Certainly, all of us are control freaks to varying degrees! When my children were little, I wanted them to put the catsup in a spot in the fridge where I could see when we were getting low. Families with children know what a staple that can be, and being on a budget, I didn’t want to purchase more sooner than needed.

Education is responsibility. I make it my personal responsibility, as I learn about them, to support projects that help us take steps towards the welfare of the earth. Mother earth is my home and I desire to help her “get well.” As you let go of your treasured belongings, treasured habits and patterns, give yourself permission to “rise from the ashes of your own funeral pyre” with a renewed optimism and expectation for a marvelous future ahead of us.

This Month’s Meditation is

Legend of the Phoenix

Guided Meditation Audio

Legend of the Phoenix Meditation

This meditation was created to help you reinvent YOU, using the Legend of the Phoenix. The legend of the Phoenix rising from the ashes is recognized in 9 different mythologies world-wide. This story is a way for humanity to understand rebirth through loss.

Loss can occur in many forms – through loss of a job, or death of a loved one, or from the decision to let go and move on from anything. The Legend of the Phoenix meditation will assist you in building a new life from the ashes of your old one. What will emerge from YOUR ashes?


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