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The Spirals and Their Magic


Spirals are everywhere.  All of mother nature is in a spiral form, in one way or another.  When we all start out, in embryonic form, we are created in a spiral. As Maureen St. Germain explains in her latest book, Mastering Your 5D Self; “Everything that comes in from higher dimensions is in spiralsSpirals show up in the way that plants grow (phyllotaxis).  Spirals allow us to ‘pace’ the incoming information.  Everything is moving.  New evolution is curved, and everything is rotating. “ pg 135 Mastering Your 5D Self

The Universe, stars, planets and suns, are all in a curved, spiral fashion.  The earth rotates on its axes in a clockwise, circular fashion.  This is by design, God’s hand in creating life. Manmade drawings, buildings or creative human endeavors will contain flat lines.  But God’s creations are always curved.  “Even trees have rings!  We know that light moves in waves, we know that specific color produces specific wave lengths.  We know that smoke rises in curves.” Pg 135 Mastering Your 5D Self

“This awareness of spirals, and especially the spiral found in the golden mean, are found throughout the planet in both organic and inorganic matter.”  For this articles’ purpose, we will not delve into the golden mean or phi except to say, they are formed in spirals and are found throughout the planet.  Again, the hand of the divine in our creation.  The spirit of God moves and works in a spiral fashion.  This is proved and again and again as we move through nature and our natural being.

Finally, the chakras are formed in a spiral fashion in our elemental body.  “First, we know that the chakra system is a system of wheel upon wheel.  These wheels gather and receive information by reading the energetic field around you, and help you know and ‘read’ the field around you.”  If we meditate on this fact, we can see that the chakra system is a system of spirals, created by spirit in a way we can read and understand our feelings and heart.  Open your heart, open your mind and listen to your Higher Self connection.  Our understanding of spiritual, emotion and our physical being, are all created by the Divine, in that spiral fashion and are there for us to tap into and feel the spirit of God.

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