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The Tide Has Gone Out

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The tide has gone out … your karmic entanglements can no longer pull you out to the sea of drama, misinformation and mistakes. You are now free from the “ocean of permission,” where your power was taken away or you gave it away, maybe it was an inadvertent surrender.

That ‘sea of drama’ can tug and pull on you like a freshly opened snack (think of your favorite crunchy snack). Say to yourself, “I’m done with the game and I’m eager to move into the role of personal responsibility, humility and love.” Let each us find our way through this amazing transition.

I have a friend whose house burned to the ground on Christmas Day. Her father, a psychiatrist, thought it was ok to burn Christmas wrapping paper in the fireplace. The creosote caught first and escaped out the chimney, then landed on the roof, and the house was gone in less than 30 minutes. My friend commanded her dad to leave now, as he had no idea of the danger they were in! They managed to get out of their house… barely.

Have you got a friend that is telling you your situation is dire, and you are still living with it thinking you can fix it? Pay attention. If you do not act when your guidance talks to you, or your like-minded friends do, you may have a setback! You may sustain losses, yet those losses may be necessary.

Our world is filled with so many material possessions that some families will have a special “gifting day” with their children to let the child choose what to keep and what to give away. They call it “make room for new toys.” In this way, letting go becomes a joyful celebration!

Not all letting go will be a celebration, but any letting go will make an improvement in your life. As you look at your own life, your beliefs, policies and attitudes may need a makeover. Choose to “let go” of your need to be right. Choose to let go of your old ways of doing things. Even when there’s a new and better way, you may resist the change because it requires you to learn new things.

When you get a new car, you must learn how to operate it, and familiarize yourself with the updated features. Some of your knowledge will be transferable, some of it won’t. However, enjoying the ability to go places without worry of the break downs your old car had, you can really relax into it.

During this time of renewal and breakthrough, please give yourself time to relax, to regroup, and to re-think your priorities. Your life is important. You are important. You will want to stick around for the upleveling of humanity. Remember someone has to uplevel first – it may as well be you! Remember the tide has gone out. Be ready for the incoming!

This Month’s Free Gift is:
Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity
This month’s free meditation is Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity. Channeled directly
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