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The Value of the 17 Breath MerKaBa Meditation

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Meditation has been referred to as a conversation with the Universe. We are a participant in a flow of information coming from the divine to use that which is channeled through our Higher Self. Some say prayer is us talking to Spirit, while meditation is Spirit talking to us. Daily meditation is soul cleansing, offering us an understanding on a soul level, as well as questions answered through our Higher Self speaking to us in the stillness in our hearts. With more than 25 years of experience, the practical mystic Maureen St. Germain can help you begin this profound conversation.

One of the deepest meditations available, which may take us to places in our consciousness that we haven’t reached before, is the MerKaBa 17 Breath Meditation. What is the MerKaBa and why is it so profound? The book Beyond the Flower of Life explains that the MerKaBa “is a Body of Light or Light Body” that is “activated from a geometric field that exists around the body.” We all have this geometric field around our bodies. All living entities have this geometric field, including the planetary and solar systems. It is the framework that holds all of creation. Deep inside of us, we know this truth. Learning MerKaBa is simply remembering who we are. When we practice it regularly, it becomes a part of us to which we feel deeply connected.

Because your MerKaBa is alive and connected to you it can respond to you and your desires. With an active Higher Self connection, you can give crystal-clear fifth-dimensional directions to help you achieve your heart’s desire. Those who dream can build greater and greater things. Our world was built by dreamers who had visions of a better life.” Living in 5D awareness is freeing mentally, but also physically. Many of us find peace and a deeper connection to Spirit by daily activating our MerKaBa.

This daily activation offers many benefits. Our MerKaBa is “consciously aware of everything going on in the entire Universe.” Can you imagine that there is a part of you that is connected to and aware of everything – including what’s happening in other dimensions? Connecting to the MerKaBa can help us connect to newfound aspects of ourselves and our place in the Universe.

By activating one’s MerKaBa daily and using the 17 Breath MerKaBa meditation, you’ll create a deeper awareness of connection to your Higher Self. You’ll have more control of your life and the ability to manifest your greatest desires more easily. “You will feel great love for everyone you meet. Life becomes compelling and heartwarming. Even difficult situations become manageable and joyful. Once your MerKaBa is permanent, you will always have an open and active connection to your heart.”

Experience physical and mental freedom as you restore your inner peace. Contact Maureen St. Germain today.

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