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Time to Choose


What is going on … LOTS!

The Cosmic Law of Non-interference means our space brothers and sisters may not interfere with our evolution. They may, however, assist us when we ask for their help. Humanity needs this assistance now, more than ever. Light workers (like you) need to increase your light quotient to support those who are not yet participating in the conscious evolution of humanity. It’s a little like donating to a cause you believe in, you do this, because you believe in it, and because you can!

How can you increase your light to be more functorial, centered and to be more loving and generous to yourself and others? It may seem like a daunting task. We have so many barriers to achieving what we want. There are so many shifts and changes we’ve had to make over the past year. Will normal ever return?

Energetically, we are now in the cycle of change where the brakes are off, your “braces” are gone and you are safe. You may be so used to those braces or safety net, you do not realize you are safe, but you are. Your safety net, was so you would know you are making the ‘right’ choices, is gone. You are now riding that bike on your own, without the “training wheels” of someone else telling you what to do, or how to do it. However, you are not riding alone! You have angels on either side of you, ascended beings of light and love, ready to steady you on this course! They will help you, but you must invite their help. This way, during this, is the time you get to exercise free will. This is the time to get your Higher Self Connection going if you have not yet done this! This is why so many teachers are telling you it’s time to choose the light daily, every day. Announce it for yourself! I choose Light, I choose to accept the assistance of all the beings of Light available to assist me now!

Distractions abound. You can hold your vibe at 5D, until something happens that triggers you. It always is about “not enough.” What does not enough mean? It means that there’s not enough time, or money, or love. Hard to understand at first, but you may say to yourself, I know I live in an abundant universe. Yet, when you react to a situation that bounces you out of your natural 5D high and you flip-flop back into 3D, you are reflecting the paradigm that keeps you from having exactly what you have always wanted! Some of these barriers are here to push you higher in your 5D expression. It’s easy when there’s no drama. Ask for help dealing with the drama, the button pushers or whatever else may be taking you out of your harmonious place.

Remember, you can hear about things that happen and don’t please you, without reacting … it take a purpose and a will and often help from “on high.”

Last month we asked you to be aware of your biases and rise above them. Now you are being asked to help others do the same, without preaching, without commenting, simply bringing them so much love, so much light, that they feel the abundance you feel.

Remember, we have the benefit of the Magnanimous Dimension which is the blending of the three dimensions of 3rd, 4th and 5th so that humanity can move around in these easily. It makes 5D much more accessible to everyone, and also makes it far easier for you to slide back into 5D after an upset. Remember that the Council of Nine, channeled through me this message, and I found it so significant that it’s on the top of my home page. You can read that here.

The Magnanimous Dimension:
I am now asking for a most magnanimous outcome!
(Channeled by Maureen from the Council of Nine) We will talk about the Magnanimous Dimension. As indicated by us, we have urged you to bring in the energy of the combined integration of three dimensions. We know you are quite familiar with the energy of the 3rd dimension, it’s polarity, it’s divisiveness, it’s goodness, and yes there is goodness in 3rd dimension. Fourth dimension is integrating now within each of you. You are beginning to tap into the depths of joy, presence and love. Fourth dimension is the portal through which you magnify, and transport yourself into fifth dimension. Because your world has been slow to catch up, we now are offering to you this combined quality of this nexus into the 5th dimension to reach each and every one of you, and we name it the “Magnanimous Dimension” an energy of great integration. It consists of knowing and understanding the perils and of 3rd, the passion of 4th, the ecstasy of 5th and distilling it into an exquisite elixir of Magnanimousness.

It’s tiring to keep your mood, energy and attitude up all the time. I am NOT an advocate of pushing unresolved emotions into a box to only explode later. Give your emotions a brief voice, and tell your sad story three times. When you count, you can have fun with it. I remember being asked “how are you” and responding with “pretty good,” because I was saving my last “tell” for my sister, who always gives me the most sympathy!

You’ve heard me say this before, to keep your emotions and behaviors at optimum, you can announce out loud, before retiring for the night, “I’m waking up in 5D.” You set the matrix, you get to bless yourself this way each day. Anyone may choose this “matrix” that you wake up in 5D. I do it every evening and so can you. I also ask every morning for a day of Heaven on Earth!

We are now at the precipice of some very big changes that will impact everyone on the planet. We need to stay strong and supportive to ourselves and one another. To that end I was told to release the final version of 12 Points of Light to you now. (Originally release last August, a full year ago, in beta form.) This is a powerful meditation that you can do alone, or in your groups. Each time you do this meditation you will be able to claim a gift for yourself as your exchange with the light being for being the messenger of great love for humanity. What is your message? It is one of very high, pure loving energy that you will spread where ever you go, where ever you live.

You will spread it in your home, your parks, the places you visit. This light is so incredible, so amazing that you are now becoming part of the solution, bringing the light of Source into reality.

Please be my guest. Please use this often, daily if you can. Share it with friends and like-minded individuals. It will help you make a difference. This makes you part of the solution. Our free will must be engaged. This is a way to do this.

You may choose whatever location you wish, to visit, and receive the incredible light and gift for yourself. Please know that the Ascended Masters have created this gift to insure your success. Think of it as an opportunity to withdraw from the universal bank account, something for yourself, as long as you are willing to carry light to others.

A group of ET’s (extra terrestrials) found a way to anchor Highly Focused Light into the planet for Humans to use, transport and share. Most everyone on the planet is aware that we need more light to put an end to the destruction, health issues and more that surround us. The emphasis here is NOT to work on a specific solution, but to supply enough light that the highest and best solution in any given situation percolates up for all to see, and choose!

Remember, in 5D and higher dimensions, there is no polarity. “We do not see good or bad, right or wrong, like it is seen on earth,” they tell us. On earth, humans were granted full access to choose the dark. Mankind was allowed to mingle with dark energies and to challenge and create new solutions. This was part of the free-will experiment. You still have free will, but are encouraged to choose light solutions. That old polarity game has been “called out.” Humanity is in the middle of transforming the reality to only choices that will enhance life on this planet. Much of what this is about is found in my book, Waking Up in 5D.

Our Galactic family’s desire to support humans is strong. Many of you have asked for the great awakening to occur. This can happen with your help. We are not asking you to proselytize and lose your friends and family. What we ARE asking is that you pray for everyone in this unique way. This lovely “free” guided meditation will take you (energetically) to one of the 12 points of light that have been anchored on this planet for the purpose of uplifting humanity. You will not be given this light automatically. You must agree to access it. And then agree to be the vessel of this amazing focused light, to “illuminate the environment” around you, plants, animals, people and parks! It will be fun, and there’s a great reward in the process.

Your investment is 30 minutes of time. Follow the instructions, and bring the amazing light back with you. Enjoy the journey.

Note that you will be granted any wish you want in this process. You will be permitted only ONE wish, and may return to the same or any other of the 12 locations for another wish, and another re-fill of your human vessel to later disperse into your world. Think of the airplanes that carry water to douse fires in the Pacific Northwest. This action may be similar – you will be helping to change the reality, and helping all of nature as well. Fortunately, you won’t have to think about dispersing this energy, it will be released automatically wherever you go. I know and feel confident that you are an important part of this transformation. I know and believe the elementals; the birds and squirrels have convinced me this is so!

Once you have understood the introduction, you will not need to listen to it every time, perhaps only for a refresher. If you can, please do this daily. I am so grateful for your help and support! We are healing this planet together.

This Month’s Free Download is:
12 Points of Light
I hope to record the actual names of each and every location in the near future, but the urgency to get this to you is the driving force. Please read through all the names and pick what jumps out at you!
Some of the 12 points of light were unknown to us. If you did this meditation when it was first released, you may notice that some locations didn’t make the cut, and other areas were given definition. Many of you submitted your ideas and suggestions. Special thanks go to Rain Gu who was given the original information by Ashtar, Commander of the space force division of the Great White Brotherhood and to Cristiane Cole, whose connection to these beings directed her to locations that I was able to confirm. Finally I wish to thank all of you, who participated with the “location finding” over the last year. NOW we need this light more than ever! Pick the location that you are attracted to and proceed!!!
12 points of Light Locations:
1. Mt. Edith – Jasper National Park in Canada
2. Mariana Trench – near Japan
3. Athens area, Greek Island,Monastery of the Holy Trinity near Athens,
4. Alaska – Tracy Arm Fjord
5. Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Corcovado mountain, Christ the Redemer Statue
6. Switzerland, the Matterhorn
7. Queensland, Australia, Great Barrier Reef.
8. Madagascar – Tsingy de Bemaraha Stone Forest — world’s largest stone forest. “stone cathedrals.
9. Cuba – Jovellanos, Catedral de San Carlos Borromeo,
10. Egypt- Hall of Records – Chamber below the Great Pyramid
11. Galapagos Islands, off San Cristobal.
12. Argentina,close to Chile (Bariloche area/Chubut-Santa Cruz region, including the Border part to Chile, (this forms a circle if you look at the map).
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