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Time Travel with Archangel Michael

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Lucid dreams are a part of everyone’s life. Mine too! I was in such a dream when I was picked up by Archangel Michael. It was as real and real time – and when you observe yourself talking and questioning in a dream, it’s a lucid dream – because you are having a cognitive experience. I believe in Serendipitous happenings. I believe my experience was inspired after reading Maureen St.Germains’ most recent post about timelines
and how we can go to a timeline before an unhappy or unpleasant experience and change that experience by changing timelines. This was a very awake experience with Archangel Michael.

The long ride there

Archangel Michael took me on this flight.  Now I wasn’t just going along for the ride here, I was actually asking questions and wondering out loud why me? I was surprised to hear his answer, that I was willing to listen.  Hmmm.
The flight was taking quite awhile and I wanted to know why? Why couldn’t he just “blink me there”, and he said he wanted me to have the experience of time.  You see we had traveled to 100 years in the future!  He said he wanted me to know that I could become 100 years older and not age! Really?

Me at 167!

Terri Young Akashic Guide Terri Young
Here I am 100 years older, and I’m experiencing it. Was I willing to experience it? I wasn’t sure. And once again I had many questions which he answered patiently.  If I choose to live another hundred years that would make me 167!
I wondered about all those (family members and friends) that would be gone before me. Wouldn’t I be lonely?  He answered that I could be with a group of like-minded people.
Well, that’s great except how would I support myself? For sure I was feeling like I needed to be shown the money part. Once again I felt a powerful support of wellbeing as he said: “As you often say, Terri, it’s all good.” And I KNEW I would be well provided for. So where is the connection with Maureen’s blog post and my really sweet flight with an angel? I do want to be the person that can continue to live a very long time. I have decided to follow the guidance that Maureen has set out for us to get to a new timeline.  One that I chose, not one that I am at
One that I chose, not one that I am at the effect of.  I have old beliefs about my health (father did early, mother still here, she’s 88). So I can go to (the timeline) where I am healthy and have not taken on that belief system of  “the Schmitts die early?” I am ready! I am definitely changing that one!
When I shared my experience of Archangel Michael with Maureen told me of her 2960269905_d6029875d3_n Cathedral Notre Dame de Bayeaux by Jack French Flickr experience with Archangel Michael picking her up in Bayeaux, France on a chance overnight, escorting her to the Notre Dame Cathedral! The next day, seeking to validate her experience, she insisted to her travel companions, she was not leaving without visiting this magnificent Cathedral. She was determined that her family experience this beautiful place and see what she had experienced.
There are many ways to become aware of your decisions and how they play out in your life,  Maureen St.Germain has been given this wonderful art of looking at a new way of being.  Give it a try I have found that trying a new way to become happier is well worth the effort.  TERRI YOUNG
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