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True Healing

Chakras expressed as flowers

By Haseena Patel

Growing up in a medical family, medicine and healing was “in my blood”, so to speak.  I loved the challenge of diagnosing a puzzle of symptoms. When my sister’s healing journey began, she was fifteen and I was twenty-two – unbeknown to me, my awakening to the meaning of true healing had also begun.  My first lesson, brought on by my research of alternative and holistic medicine, and communicating with many experts, was that the diagnosis of an illness could be seen as either a crisis or as the door to healing.

The second lesson came years later:  healing is not a physical action – there are emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical aspects of healing, and none of these aspects can be examined in isolation.  True healing is the releasing of resistance in all its forms.  Transitioning from one’s physical body (that which we call death) is the ultimate form of such healing.

After becoming a certified Akashic Records reader, knowledge from the Records allowed me to expand on the concept of healing.  When I felt called on to write this blog post a few weeks ago, I explored the concept further, asking my Record Keepers and Guides, Teachers, Loved Ones and Beings in the Heavenly Realm for wisdom about the Spiritual Connection with one’s body so that I could share this with the world.  I was blown away by what I received:

“The truth is that your body is the visible manifestation of your spirit.  It is a reflection of your alignment or misalignment.

When your body speaks through symptoms or through physical feelings, it is your spirit speaking with you.

Your body is your portal to bigger and greater things.  It is your vessel to be filled with Love, Divine Love; that you may feel and know that Love.  Your emotions are as much physical as any other symptom; an indicator of your vibration.

That unsettled, unsure feeling of your Being that sometimes manifests is a plea from your Inner Being to align with Source so that you may experience the many gifts from Source and know the True Power that you hold within and are capable of Wielding.

This Power is not of the ego centre, but of the Heart Centre.  It knows not about self and self-gain.  Rather, it is of pure Love and Service to you and Humanity.  Your body is a sacred vessel that perpetuates this Service.  It is a Guidance, a Barometer, a thermometer.  Your body is a reflection of your relationship with Source.  When you Love your Body, it is the Love of Pure Alignment flowing through your Being – the mind-body-spirit Connection between you and Source.

When the Source of Pure Love flows through you, your body must be well.  When you dissolve those issues that plague you through ego, when you cut those cords and let those issues go, you are cured.

You are already Whole and Unbroken.  Wash the ego-filled stains away with the Purity of Pure Source.

Meditation is the connection between the mind, the body and Source Within.  When you meditate deeply, the ego is tamed.  You can feel the Heart-Centred Power of Source Within coursing through your veins, healing your body, filling your perceived emptiness.  There is no emptiness.  It is your mind that makes it so.

When your mind is Connected to the Love of Source, the Wholeness of your body shines through.  It is then that the Healing begins.

Let it therefore be known that Healing is a state of mind, or more aptly, a state of Being, a function of Pure Source Love.  Where Love flows, you are Healed.”

I asked my Record Keepers and Guides for more – I am hungry to learn, to be the Instrument of Healing knowledge, to be the Vessel of Heart-Centred Wholeness and Pure Source Love.  My reply came swiftly, yet gently: “That is enough for now.  It will come…”

I receive that and I AM in Gratitude and in Service,

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