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And how to remove them!

Downloaded directly from the Akashic Records by Zukeyka Castro

Akashic Records Guide Zuleyka Castro

Zuleyka Castro Akashic Records Guide

We come here to experience the understanding of several Universal Laws. Before we are incarnated we make an agreement to have a “veil” or “filter of perception” as part of the human experience that will influence the way we will perceive certain things. But in the time we are living, we are being given the opportunity to be aware of and remove these veils.
Some people don’t even get to realize this. But when we start being aware of the veils, when we start receiving the codes held in the new information we accept, we start dissolving the veils.

We could receive the energy to be aware and remove the veils in four different forms, through written or spoke information, through experiences, through initiation or directly as energy transmission.
We can also ask our record keepers or our spiritual team to remove these veils for us during an akashic record reading or ask them to help us become aware of them and give us the energy transmission that would be to our highest good at that moment to dissolve them.

When we do this, the result will be felt gradually since the human body would not resist such a radical change of vibration. It could happen over days, weeks, months or years, depending on your level of detachment to the old views needed in order to see the truth.

We could compare this to when we go to the eye doctor and he would make us try a few lenses. He would ask, “Which one can you see better with?” He would change them for you until you pick the one you can see better with. The first day with your new lenses, you could even feel drowsy until you get accustomed to seeing things clearly. Its just the same when we experience the “dropping of the veils”.

Here are just some veils that are affecting humanity right now.


This veil makes us believe that money is only for some people and others are just meant to be poor. It makes us believe that money its not spiritual. That it is dirty, or it changes people, and that if you desire to have an abundant life you are not being “spiritual” enough. The truth is we are all creators of our lives and we have the birth right to live in abundance if we want it. In fact Money is the energy the universe uses to help us achieve our life missions. We just need to set our mind and reprogram ourselves for aligning to receive and accept the energy of money in our lives.


As we drop the Veil of Sexuality we start honoring our sexuality as a source of our spiritual development being aware of our choices in partners and of our true potential as creators. We stop using it to feel accepted or to numb deeper emotional wounds.


This veil makes us give controlling corporations the permission to organize and design our life as community. Even when we know the decisions they are making for us are not for our highest good, and only cause separation with nationalities and ethnicity. When we drop this veil we are more conscious about our interconnectedness and are motivated to find new ways to cohabitate and collaborate as a community. We become aware that we are all brothers and sisters, and that we have the birthright to create our life as we want it. Not as “established”.


The Veil of Religion motivates our spiritual beliefs based on control, martyrdom and fear of being condemned. When we transcend the veil of religion, we come to the understanding that is through the expansion of our heart that we gain true spirituality and that none of these religious conditionings are really necessary in order for us to have a clear and direct connection to Source. When this veil is removed, we understand that heaven is inside of us and that God is not “up there”, but within us. There is no more illusion of separation between Us and the Source, because the Source is inside each one of us.


When we drop this veil we become aware of the fact that we are both feminine and masculine at the same time. And as we realize this and balance these energies within us, we come into an understanding of seeing genders as a complementation of energies and abilities more than competition or separation.


The Veil of Perception of Love makes us resist real love. It makes us think that the other person is the real source of our emotional state, only creating feelings of attachment and constant disappointment. This is only the effect of the veil, when in fact the law of relationship is very similar to the law of reflection and it will gives us a partner that will reflect the way we love ourselves. The source of love in our lives its not another person. It is the way we are able to love ourselves and the way we set healthy boundaries that will make us a magnet for loving and respectful relationships based on respect, acceptance and growth.


This Veil makes us give control to the big “food” corporations to tell us what to feed our magnificent human bodies. We buy without asking whats in the food we are eating. When we drop these veils we become more compassionate with ourselves and will chose nutrition that will benefit not only our bodies but also our spiritual development.


The Veil of Perception of the Planet makes us immune to the damage that we do to the planet and its resources in order to gain false power. When we drop this veil, we are aware that the planet is a living being just as us and we become more aware of our own relationship with her. We become aware that everything we do to her affects us and everything we do to ourselves affects her. We understand that she sacrifices herself in order for us to have a human experience, and therefore we honor her deeply.

What next?

These and many more veils have already been released by some people on the web. We have been seeing how gradually more and more people are becoming aware of these and making big changes in their personal lives and therefore society.
Do you think you still need to work on some of these?
You will be able to recognize what veils you are still working on and will start releasing them as soon as you keep rising your vibration.
You are an unlimited human being. The veils act as a conditioning, but you are now given the opportunity to remove them. We need to remove them in order to integrate our Higher Self into our human body. The integration of our Higher Self is an important step for us to fully experience the true potentiality of living in a human body.
The Lords of the Akasha have released a prayer to ask the veils to be removed in a way that is beneficial and for our highest good.
To do the prayer take a few breaths and bring your attention to your heart center. Create the space for connection with the Higher Power of your inner God/Goddess.


It is my desire now to be completely aligned with my higher self.
I ask for the removal of all the veils or perception filters that I am able to remove, and are to my highest good to remove right now. I ask for the codes and the energy transmissions I need in order to make me aware of all of the veils that are stopping me from making the most of my human experience. I now release these veils and my attachments to my old limiting ways of perception. I allow myself to live free of conditioning and I allow myself to see, feel and walk in truth. I ask my spiritual guide team to protect and hold the space for me to receive this energy transmission. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Wait some time to receive the energy and watch the way this process happens for you. Trust that the way it manifests is perfect for Your process. The transmission can happen immediately, or it can also be that you are guided to certain experiences, reading, conversations etc., in order to expose you to the codes of truth and veil removal. Be attentive on how these things will unfold in front of you. And trust that what comes is for your highest good.

With love,
~ Zuleyka Castro

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