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Understanding Opposition Energies and How to Antidote Them!

I practice the MerKaBa, the most evolved energy meditation on the planet. I taught the original 17-breath meditation for almost 20 years traveling the globe, sharing my experiences and assisting individuals in learning this amazing tool. A few years ago, the originator of this guided meditation announced to the world that the time for this meditation was over. He was replacing it with a new updated version that he felt was better. I checked in with my Higher Self to see if this was true for me. I was to keep the classic MerKaBa going.

The energy field of the MerKaBa meditation is impenetrable. It allows you to evolve and open your heart without fear or concern that someone or something could hurt your sensitive heart. Much like Neo in The Matrix, when he was being shot at, he ducked and jumped spontaneously avoiding the bullets.

I learned from this deep practice that this was a super powerful field that gave me access to all kinds of knowledge. It literally unlocked the keys to 5D! This meditation deflects any incoming non-fifth dimensional energy. Now there’s a continuation of that work known as the Multi-Dimensional 5D MerKaBa. As I was writing the book, Waking Up in 5D I was approached by one of the caretakers of the 5D MerKaBa. I was told to record it and put it into the Waking Up book. That meditation anchors in your 5th dimensional MerKaBa.

Recently I was reading an important interview by Rob Potter with a gentleman who goes by the name of Cobra. He gives information that he has learned from benevolent ETs. I have checked-in with my Higher Self about the accuracy of this information, and feel that he’s a reliable resource. In this interview Cobra described many things. One area of interest confirmed the use of a certain kind of “waves” that I have been guided to create the antidote for. Author Annie Jacobsen in her latest book Phenomena tells us that the first use of microwaves and other experimental pressure waves were used by the Russians aimed at the US Embassy in Moscow. After two years of bogus blood testing (their blood was being sampled) for a virus going around Moscow the upper echelon at the embassy were finally informed of the real reason for the blood tests. At the same time, researchers in a top-secret lab were conducting studies on monkeys finally “deciding that it was harmful in nature and adversely affecting the internal organs of the primates, including the brain.” Two years after this started, they finally decided to do something about it. In a memo dated April 3, 1965 a consultant suggested a “selection of suitable copper screening and mandatory coverage of all window openings.” Creating a type of Faraday cage around the building.

A vicious debate ensued among defense scientists with two factions forming around the whole idea of “harmless vs. harmful.” They were still in the dark ages when it comes to understanding that waves of all sorts can have an adverse effect on the brain, the internal organs and nervous system!

Now, the primary waves that are being universally broadcast over the earth are subtle and strong. They are essentially holding mankind hostage, preventing the masses from waking up. Much like the “wake up” implied in the movie The Matrix many don’t know that they don’t know. When you wonder why this is so, you can point to this energy. It takes a very strong will, devoted to evolution of humanity and the planet to start to notice and “wake up.” In the same interview, Rob Potter asks Cobra about mind control. Cobra says: “I would say one of the networks is connected to high population areas, but there is another network which needs to be spaced out literally throughout the planet’s surface because there’s a very specific wavelength which needs to be maintained to keep the whole planet in low vibration. So they are putting this on certain nodes which allow this very particular wavelength to be maintained…”

Cobra goes on to explain there are negative scalar grids producing these harmful waves. In light of this, Rob asks about persons moving away from urban centers. Surprisingly his answer is mixed. Cobra further tells us that being near a large body of water is a good antidote! “Because water tends to disconnect scalar plasma waves.”

Because of beings helping our planet, this “mind control” isn’t as active as it was. In addition, anyone who desires it will have full access to what had been veiled before.

There is actually a technology that shapes and designs the plasma plane around the planet. And the whole planetary surface is under the influence of this technology. On a positive note, the planetary pyramids contain another grid system, that when activated does the exact opposite!

Years ago, retiring late one night, as I crawled into bed I felt the hot searing “wave” of the wireless internet router follow me into bed. My office was directly below our bedroom. I got up and unplugged the router. The next day we installed a timer so that the router would not run late at night. Not everyone has the ability to hear or feel these energies. If you are a bit sensitive you can recall a time that you had your cellphone at your ear (hopefully you don’t do THAT anymore and use a wired headset or speakers) and all of a sudden the “heat” of the cellphone penetrated your ear in a much deeper way. That’s the wireless energy wave that you were feeling.

Now for the antidote I promised. Actually there are several. My favorite is a wonderful sung set of Mantras called Mantras for Ascension. In one example, a sensitive man, who knew he could tell what his obnoxious neighbors were up to, wanted to antidote their “chanting.” He called for some counterintelligence. So I suggested he play these two mantras continously. A few weeks later he called, concerned that he wasn’t feeling their emotions or anything anymore. I didn’t have an answer for him, so I opened his Akashic Records at his request. The Record Keepers identified the use of the chant – that had closed off the hook that his unruly neighbors had in him. He hadn’t realized that they had a “line” into him that had given him access to their feelings!

My second wonderful antidote is to create a “Faraday cage” around your bed at night. I’ve taught this to my clients in the Ascension Institute and they report a “much better sleep” each night. You are bringing in an electronic, energetic match of the “results” of the use of a Faraday cage. I keep this prayer printed out on my nightstand: “I am setting up an energetic Faraday cage around my bed, to insure that I am sleeping undisturbed by any EMF or any other inappropriate-for-life energy.” Expect to wake up more well rested and refreshed than you’ve become accustomed to.

This month I’m offering our popular Mantras for Ascension as the free download for The Echo World readers. Sign up on our website and download this wonderful set of clearing chants for free.

Article from The Echo World June issue 2017 Vol 21, no 6

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