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Waking Up in the Fifth Dimension – An interview with Maureen J. St. Germain By Sofia Karin Axelsson

Maureen J. St. Germain is calling herself the Practical Mystic. She has guided people towards personal development and spiritual awakening for twenty-five years. On the 12th of September her much awaited book Waking Up in 5D: A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation is being released. As a seeker, Maureen shares the knowledge she has gained from over twenty-five years of study in ancient truths. I spoke to her about what it means to “wake up in 5D,” and what we all can do to get there.

Sofia: In Waking Up in 5D you write that “… the fifth dimension is not a place that we are going to; it is instead, a vibration we are becoming. …” That sounds very hopeful. Can you explain what you mean by this?

Maureen: Most people think in linear terms. They think, “If this, then that … If it’s cold outside, you must wear a coat.” Linear terms mean, that if you’re here and going there, it must be a path that we must follow to get there. What I have discovered is a vibrational shift that is so subtle that it looks just like here, and you often don’t know that you have been fifth dimensional. I also see the dimensions themselves as Russian dolls, and add to that, the outside dolls can see the inner ones, but the inner ones cannot see beyond their own skins. So, from fifth dimension we can actually be aware of the third, at the same time. But this is only possible from a higher dimension perspective.

Sofia: You mean that the fifth-dimensional experience is essential to the future of humanity. Why is that?

Maureen: Because what I have been shown is that all of humanity is becoming fifth-dimensional. We are all learning to incorporate our higher selves, our fifth-dimensional selves, into our consciousness right where we are. In fact, this is so unique that it has never been done before, which is why we have all the forces of heaven to support us to make sure that we succeed. Now, I like metaphors. One of the metaphors I use is this. Imagine that when a baby is born, the grandmother sets up a trust fund for the child’s college. When the child is old enough to go to college, he or she is allowed to go to whatever college of choice. If he or she chooses to get an undergraduate, a certain amount of money will be available. If the choice is an advanced degree more money will be available. If he or she only gets one degree, they will get a certain amount of money at thirty, but if the choice is not to get any degree, the money won’t be available until around fifty. So, there’s a big incentive to go to college. The likelihood during these circumstances that the little one will go to college is very high. To put it simply, the odds are stacked in this person’s favor. Similarly, when humans have gotten to this place in time, where the veil has started to lift, and all of humanity is shifting, that allows for an expansion in consciousness, and we have all this help lined up for us. We have the decks stacked in our favor.

Sofia: You speak and write a lot about the importance of communicating with our Higher Self, but what is our Higher Self?

Maureen: Your Higher Self and your fifth-dimensional self are the same. The Higher Self can be explained in very simplistic terms, – it is the version of you that traditional religions will tell us is your heavenly self. When you look at what you might be in heaven, a place where you know God and you know what God wants, and are also able to accomplish what you want to accomplish rather effortlessly and quickly, then you know something about what the Higher Self is.

Sofia: How do we know that it is our Higher Self that communicates with us – and not our ego trying to trick us?

Maureen: That is a very good question, and a lot of people have a very good connection to their Higher Selves. But I maintain that each of us has a personal responsibility of mastering the higher level connection, so that there isn’t any question about who we are communicating with. Doubt is when we believe it’s our Higher Self, compared to when we know it’s our Higher Self. (Like believing your friend will meet you for lunch and knowing the sun will come up.) I have developed a practice called “The Higher Self Connection,” that teaches how to get there. This booklet will be offered as a free download this month.

Sofia: You write, in congruence with other great spiritual teachers of our time, that this is a time for the Divine Feminine. How is this related to “waking up in 5D?”

Maureen: Well, there are a number of things. It is a known fact that women are more naturally intuitive than men. So, if we’re all going to become intuitive, it stands to reason that those that have the edge will lead. We all have the ability to use our perception that we get intuitively. Men have been trained to ignore it, and men are cultivated to think in a very linear, non-intuitive way. This has served the western world very well for rapid growth of the commercial enterprise, businesses and all of those things, but it has been to the detriment of the compassion and understanding of others and understanding the self. Now it’s time to bring balance to that, and the fastest and easiest way to do this is through the Divine Feminine – to see the benefit of balance and equality.

Sofia: I absolutely love these sentences from Waking Up in 5D: “You are all becoming masters at whatever you are passionate about. You are having fun—and if you aren’t—you probably need to find out what’s going on!” Why is it so important to have fun with “waking up,” and what is it that we need to find out if we don’t?

Maureen: I’m so glad you caught that sentence. That sentence came straight from source. Sometimes, and I include myself here, we get so determined that something has to happen a certain way, or that life has to be this way or that way. Whatever it is, our determination gets the better of us. Because our will exists to make sure that we find our way to God, it’s not there for the sake of us being only willful. Sometimes we get pulled into control-dramas, because we have to get it just our way, instead of going with the flow.

Sofia: And that’s when we need to have fun again.

Maureen: Yes!

Sofia: In Waking Up in 5D you give several practical tips to make the ascension to 5D easier, such as doing Epsom salt baths. Could you give the readers some other easy-to-do, practical tips that they can use on their journey?

Maureen: I’m going to give you some of my favorite examples. Number one is that I would recommend that you pay attention to the words you use. Do you speak about what you don’t like, or what you do like? For example, if you’re driving through a city that is very depressed, you don’t have to say this city is so and so, you don’t have to label it, you can just notice that it is depressed and say, “Gosh, I wonder what happened here?” Secondly, if you are doing anything that keeps you in polarity, that implies good and evil, you do imply the presence of evil. So, instead of saying that things are good or bad, I always say they’re interesting. And instead of saying this is good, or this is better, I usually say, “This is a match for me.” This way, it implies that it works for me, but it doesn’t necessarily throw out any energy for somebody else. For example, I can say that blue is a great color for me, but I don’t say it’s the best color. I deliberately use a neutral example so people can see how humorous that is. But when people start adding their own belief-system you can see how easy it is to slip. That is why the words “match” and “for me” are so powerful.

Sofia: You have covered a massive amount of information in this interview. However, is there anything specific that we have not covered that you think is important for The Echo World readers to know at this time, when it comes to “waking up in 5D?”
Maureen: Yes, say a quick and easy morning prayer daily: “I’m asking for a day of heaven on earth for me and everyone I come in contact with!” Your day will truly become higher vibrational.

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Article from The Echo World September issue 2017 

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