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We Won!

We won

It’s time to step up, into 5D. It’s time to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. If you have been following me, you know that I’ve been saying since 1995 that there is no more Karma. I want to join the fun game, where the drama of good and evil is not part of my world.
You’ve heard me repeat the words of Sanat Kumara from a few years ago, The game is over. The game will end when there are no more players. Will you be the first to leave or the last?

What could this possibly mean? It means that the 5D world is ready and waiting for us. It means we get to use choice instead of blame. It means we are transferring power back to individuals, ourselves in particular, so we don’t play victim any more. Playing victim plays the “record” of poor me, and then the universe hears your “broken record, poor me..” and gives you what you are playing.

So now you might be asking yourself, as one individual wrote recently, “If there’s no more Karma, and people can do crap, what difference does it make?” What others do doesn’t matter. What I do matters. What you do matters. We are beings of love and light, and can be fifth dimensional, in our behaviors, even when no one is looking.

There is a huge difference in others that do not know what you know. Maybe they do not realize that their responsibility begins with themselves. It could be habit, culture or environment. You might say then things aren’t fair, and I say, you are not in that game anymore, so you don’t need to worry about “fair.” Then the individual wrote, yes, but why can’t I do those things? You can, but it is a big deal because you know better.

Why can’t I do that, you say? Well you can, but then you are stuck in 3D! You are building a beautiful house – one that you can live in, create from, manifest easily and enjoy your creations and mastery. If you build a fire on the porch or throw rocks at the windows at night, then you are not working on it – you have dropped back into 3D. It’s harder to get out of 3D if you keep pushing yourself back in the game.

Once you realize that you have the power to watch (the game) and let others mess up, or fail, and then reap the results, it doesn’t mean that you will participate. Quite the contrary, because you now have the ability to recognize the polarity game around you, and NOT participate. You get to choose to step aside, and get out of the drama. What makes the difference? When you keep your heart open, when you allow yourself to be sincere and loving no matter what, you give yourself the gift of staying out of the storm! You will attract more loving opportunities to you, and you will feel better about yourself as well.

When I lived in Wisconsin, I became Green Bay Packer fan. Everyone who lives in Wisconsin becomes a Packer fan, whether they want to or not, (just kidding.) But it is true, that Packer fever is a solid culture in Wisconsin, and I was so surprised to discover how depressed people would be in the office on Monday after the Packers lost on Sunday night! One Sunday, while changing planes in the airport I noticed the game was on – so I went into the bar where it was playing. When the Packers made a touchdown I cheered (like everyone does!) and looked around. I was the only one there cheering for the Packers! Ooops! I decided I’d better not stay I unfriendly territory!

If your neighbor – behaves badly will you return in kind? I don’t think so, because you know it wouldn’t be a wise decision! Even if you do not like your neighbor, you won’t antagonize them. Nobody pokes a bear.

What will you do when faced with obnoxious behavior? Sometimes you will get disappointed. After the disappointment fades, (don’t go into victimhood) there is only one appropriate response. Love them anyway. Complain (no more than 3 times) to your friends, and love them anyway. They must take responsibility for their actions, and don’t judge them. Remember, maybe they are just actors, filling in a role, for you, to learn how to be loving in spite of adversity.

I’d like to share a message that came in – quite by surprise during a meditation, from one of our Akashic Records Guides. It is a match for what we are going through now.

“The Law of Cause and Effect used to be the incorrect interpretation of the Karmic Laws. It has now been changed to the Law of Choice and Effect, which indicates the responsibility is with the chooser. At any time a new choice may be made, which can strengthen or override the effect of the previous choice. All choices are inseparably attached to a result. With the change-over from “cause” to “choice”, Karma, as it has been interpreted through the last 2000 years, in a sense, does not exist anymore. The new interpretation takes effect slowly as new insights are gained and the veil of darkness disappears. Humans will gradually become stronger and more willing to accept responsibility for their choices because those choices will be recognized as God-choices. As the dark veil disappears the Truth becomes more and more clear. It is possible NOW! The switch can be made instantaneously. We bless you and love you.”

Who are you?

“We are the Lords of Time and Karma. We love you and support you. Go in peace. All is well.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

~ Elles Taddeo

This Month’s Free Downloads are:
Golden Time &
The Divine Government Meditation
Golden Time Endorsement:
I love the Golden Time meditation!! For the past several weeks I have done it every day after my Merkaba meditation and the Golden Timeline is becoming more and more real, and part of my life. I can look at situations that seem negative and announce that they are not part of my world. My view immediately changes, and I can see the positive side, which is my Golden Timeline, and things work out well. A recent example: Last week my son was in the hospital and all the doctors said he needed blood. I don’t like blood transfusions with all the unknown energies that come with the blood from strangers, so I talked with my Higher Self and I strongly felt that I re-entered the Golden Timeline. The result was that a little while later the doctor came to tell me that a blood transfusion was not necessary after all, and that things looked a lot better than they initially thought!
Elles T. Akashic Records Guide.
The Golden time will help humanity co-create with Source to produce the great golden age. We know that the only time is the one we can experience, so this meditation will take you through an experience where you will connect viscerally with the Golden Age of humanity, and plug into the timeline there. You then create from that place, an incredibly powerful timeline of peace, joy, humanity and love.
This 20 minute meditation will guide you through the process, and allow you to invite family and friends into the golden age timeline!
(Special Emphasis on) The Divine Government Meditation
Are you frustrated? Are you hopping mad? Do you feel like you are not in control, and that the “powers that be” are above the law, or above you? Do you feel like while you hold yourself to your own high standard, leaders can be careless, bend the law and be above the law? Lately it seems that standard is lower for the powerful, not higher like we’d like. But we can change that. Join me for this 6-minute meditation – to help our leaders be above reproach, where you can finally do something solid about this.
Many have said that we are powerless to change the system, but I believe we CAN affect the reality in a way that is above board, doesn’t stoop to their methods, and in fact raises us to our methods!
I was inspired a few years ago by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles Divine Government meditation. I scored and recorded my version using everything I know about manifesting, Angels and creating the reality that we desire.
It is my hope you will use this over and over. I hope you will tell your friends about it, and that they tell their friends. It’s entirely free. You will be giving me your email, so you can receive other important support materials and announcements with you.
Come be inspired by this meditation, and enjoy your free meditation, Divine Government Meditation.
Bring In Your Beloved NOW!
Play Video
For a long time I have wanted to share my secrets with you on attracting the Beloved. I’ve spent years perfecting this and have figured out what works and what doesn’t.
Our team has helped me put together all the elements that I have recommended to my clients and that I have used myself. I released part of this – to a few students who begged me to share how to do this – and their feedback (and success) was enough to convince me it would work for you too!
The Bring in Your Beloved Now! package includes:

– 26-Page Book of Instructions (PDF)

– 3 Meditations (MP3 Downloads)

– Letting Go Introduction

– Letting Go of a Relationship Meditation

– Bring in Your Beloved Ceremony

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