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What is 5D Consciousness?

If you’re like most travelers, when you plan an airline flight, you typically try to arrange a direct route to your destination. It seems like the logical and easy choice. Likewise, if you’re seeking to transcend this 3-D world and enter a more harmonious state of reality, you might think that you can travel “non-stop” to this new realm. However, the actual pathway may surprise you.

Your movement to becoming 5D (fifth dimensional) is not a direct arrival. In fact, getting there doesn’t even guarantee you’ll stay there. This is because ‘waking up in 5D,’ is a frequency choice. You’ll need to use what’s around you to assist you in finding the right frequency—similar to tuning a radio—until you’ve reached the spot that’s right for you. Of course, entering this new state of reality gets easier each time you succeed. Yet you still may oscillate between frequencies. With the help of world-renowned mystic Maureen St. Germain and her professional team, you can come to understand this concept and enjoy all that living in the fifth dimension has to offer. Moreover, you will find ways to stay there longer.

5D consciousness does not happen overnight. Unlike the pilot using radar and instruments to navigate your airplane, you will need to follow your heart. This concept can be difficult for many of us to embrace. Of course, this is not to say you shouldn’t use your mind. Use it. Let it take you through the many stages of each life situation you encounter—from anger to love, regret, sorrow. Ultimately, let your heart decide. Recognizing something that is illogical is an excellent indicator that you are becoming more in tune with your fifth dimensional self.

The truths you discover will come from your own consciousness, which is the source of life as we know it. Write down these truths when you discover them. Keep a journal. As you wake up in the fifth dimension, you will come to see and know more without knowing ‘why.’ As your 5D awareness increases, you will feel more comfortable asking for confirmation and validation of your feelings, and you may be surprised that you will receive them.

So how do you transform into a 5D entity? Remember that this is a process. Think of each state of reality as nesting dolls—third, fourth, fifth and so on. You can experience multiple realms simultaneously. With each higher frequency comes more compassion and grace. You may be able to experience a lower realm with unconditional love. The transformation can begin with an ancient 17-breath meditation that you can learn and master over time. A triple mantra meditation is also highly beneficial because it will enable you to make the most of your rest and dreamlike state and will help you use the new version of yourself during your waking hours. Much of this is covered in Maureen St. Germain’s best-selling book Waking Up in 5D.

You can change your perception of what is possible and, ultimately, change the course of your life. Contact the respected and world-renowned spiritual consultant Maureen St. Germain today.

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