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What Is the Flower of Life?

You may have seen one of the most important sacred geometric shapes dozens of times in your life but never truly recognized it: a beautiful maze of overlapping circles that represent the connectedness of life and our universal existence. From yoga mats to apparel, its artistic rendering has become quite contemporary. Although the design is aesthetic and, in recent years, perhaps even trendy, its true meaning runs much deeper in the sacred world and dates back to ancient times in cultures worldwide.

Known as the flower of life, this blueprint of creation has come to be synonymous with the MerKaBa: a living field of energy surrounding your physical body. Conscious of everything going on in the Universe, your MerKaBa can be activated with a special meditation that allows you to enter the fifth-dimensional, or heavenly, state of reality. Modern-day mystic Maureen St. Germain has spent her entire career studying the profound power of this and other meditations as spiritual tools and, in fact, recently re-released an updated edition of her best-selling book by the same name (Beyond the Flower of Life).

What makes the flower of life so special is its ability to help you connect with your Higher Self, which in turn allows you to be the best version of yourself—fully connected to God and harnessed with unlimited potential. This connection stems from the MerKaBa meditation tools that help you navigate this 3-D world and make more frequent connections with the frequencies of the fifth-dimensional world. The ‘blueprint,’ however, does not need to be static. The fifth-dimensional world is one of infinite manifestation. Think of it like a classical symphony or ballet, where variations of the music or dance are created through inspiration. Each one creates a new pathway or possibility. Your Higher Self can show you the way, and you’ll be amazed at the accuracy!

Learning more about the flower of life online can launch your personal manifestation. Along the way, you will forge many contracts with the Universe as you discover how to stay balanced and maintain your connection to your Higher Self. Your original contract is like a hologram with small and big parts embedded. However, as you grow spiritually, you learn how to check in with your Higher Self and deviate a bit from the original contract. By doing so, you learn more and co-create your own new variation of the contract.

Some people may wonder if there is some ancient secret of the flower of life. These spiritual tools are not hidden treasures. They are available for you to practice and embrace daily with the help of our best-selling book, Beyond the Flower of Life.

Consider the possibilities that meditation and a newfound connection to your Higher Self can have for your life. Contact Maureen St. Germain to learn more.

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