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Wheels within Wheels – Fall Update

What is it? Is this the best looking head of cauliflower you’ve ever seen? I think so too! Look at those beautiful fibonacci spirals!

Look below for our newest guided meditation for you to download and make your own. We have worked on this for over a year. It’s all about reprogramming yourself to let go of all the old gunk and bring in the new. In Scotland and other northly climates, farmers harvest and plant in the fall. That’s what this meditation is all about. First you’ll clear out everything you don’t want – and then make sure you got it all. Then you’ll plant new seeds. It’s called  The Seven Archangels and the Wheel.

Get this powerful, full length, 35 minute, guided meditation for only $9.99

Try before you buy!

I’m reminded of a sweet spiritual – recorded live at a choral concert – “Ezekiel saw de’ wheel, way up in the middle of the sky. A wheel within a wheel – way in the middle of the air!” They were singing about the MerKaBa! This traditional african spiritual (recording) is from the spirituals arranged by William L. Dawson.   I wonder if they knew?

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

Now for OUR Archangels and the Wheel – which is NOT a spiritual – nor a song. It is a powerful, remarkable guided meditation that will help you make the most of this new cycle that’s come our way!

I recently debuted this meditation at Kripalu as part of our closing ceremonies of the MerKaBa Classic Immersion Course.

Every single participant at the Kripalu seminar begged me to tell me where and when they could purchase this! The wait is over. It’s ready for you, NOW.

Get this powerful, full length, 35 minute, guided meditation for only $9.99

You will discover for yourself  it is one of the MOST powerful 35 minutes of guided meditation I’ve ever produced and you’ll ever find anywhere!

Why is this so important now?

As the eighth chakra is opening for many of you (and all who have done the Harvest Moon Youthing Ceremony), you will find that some of your “historical stuff” Karma, that you thought you were long past – is surfacing – not for you to deal with it – but to dismiss it!  Yes! Choose, to let it go. But how? This meditation will help you seek out and clear any Karmic residue that might hold you back needlessly.

This effective guided meditation takes you through the seven Archangels in a very powerful and unique way. Ever think of just one more thing after you’ve submitted a response? Me too! We thought of that!

This meditation is unique because it is helps you focus and then gives you that second chance. First the seven Archangels gifts are highlighted and you are shown how you can benefit from their gifts and their ability to help you clear your history, and then become your most evolved self.

And finally, like a Ferris wheel, go around the wheel one more time, this time loading up new and special gifts to help you be pro-active. You’ll come away from this meditation – a new and unique you, ready for the new Milennium. So what are you waiting for?

So we are changing how we do things here! Look for special announcements when we are wanting to share news and opportunities. Right now – I’m delighted to see how many opportunities are cropping up all over the place to tell us how to stay forever young! (See my favorite things post.)

Yet, as the seasons change – they remind us of renewal and the opportunity for change. I’ve posted on my blogs, and if you aren’t signed up for both you won’t know when I’ve posted!

Nothing is as it seems. Just know that, like the song by Jewel, Kindness Only Matters! Can we allow ourselves to be different, hold different beliefs and more? Just this week I heard the pope would baptise ET’s if they showed up asking for it. Wow.

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