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Hathor Help to Open Your Heart

Hathor 2

Who are the Hathors? They are magnificent beings of Love and Light. Their evolution on the planet Venus interacted with our evolution when Sanat Kumara invited them to come to Earth, when earth was at its darkest hour. You may have seen their image on Egyptian pillars. It is also the Cover of the CD Mantras for Ascension.

There was a time, when the devolution of humanity was so great, the Great Karmic Board determined that it was best to eliminate this experiment. It had gone too far into darkness. Sanat Kumara stepped forth to intercede for this beautiful planet, and to assist humanity in returning to the light. He invited his followers from Venus to join him, and 144,000 stepped forward to come to Earth. They all incarnated on the Earth, with clear intention to restore the light of Source on Earth.

Some of you resonate with the number 144,000 which implies you are one of the souls of light from Venus who have been returning to Earth, over and over again, to assist humanity in choosing the highest possible choice. At some point, during Sanat Kumara’s extended stay overseeing Earth’s progress, he invited the Hathors to come to assist humanity in leveling up.

The Hathors are fourth dimensional beings of Love and Light. They reside on Venus and can come into your world with great wisdom and Light. They will assist you in holding the space of unconditional love towards all of life. When you invite them to overshadow you… you actually find yourself speaking with sweetness and love, even when your emotions are reacting to a perceived attack!

Many of you are swayed by the darkness not realizing how much choice you have. How many times do you catch yourself saying, “I have to…” It is our intent that you recognize you have far more choice than you realize. This is because so often, your decisions are based on habit and not choice. Habit includes behaviors that you have taken on – where you use a belief system, or a crutch of some sort, to be the salve on a perceived wound!

Everyone has been wounded in some way. How do you pull yourself out of perceiving yourself as a victim? Let the choices you make come from your will, and not memory/habit. We invite you to do the Hathor Chant as it will fill your vessel with the unconditional love of the Hathors, allowing you to receive any “incoming energies” as loving and supportive.

This Month’s Featured Audio is:
Mantras for Ascension
(which includes the Hathor Chant)
Special instructions for using the Hathor Chant: When you do this chant be prepared for some surprises! Ideally you will do the whole 256 repetitions. At the minimum do cycles of 4. Why 256 repetitions? It is four squared. (44) Doing this in a group, is very powerful and by yourself is totally ok. If you can do this chant out of doors, then do that, as the elementals love this – as you are chanting their names, Earth, Fire, Water and Air in the Hathor tongue. You may feel the Hathors presence as they touch your head or hair. You may be feeling like you cannot move physically, that you are “frozen”; that means your pranic tube is getting a clearing, and your body’s “stillness” is allowing them to work with you.

You will want to have a glass of water ready, because most people do not have experience singing for 20 minutes straight. You should take a sip of water, as your voice tires, and resume the chant quickly.  After you have completed the 20 minutes of chanting, sit for 10 minutes in complete silence, with your palms open upwards on your lap or a pillow on your lap because you may receive a gift. (end instructions.)

Recently, through many wonderful blessings a client had multiple readings with me and another Akashic Records Guide. She followed the instructions in the readings, which included her doing the Hathor Chant from Mantras for Ascension. For the first time, a family gathering (with in-laws) turned into a peaceful joyful experience. She was thrilled. So are we. Please use your tools. You’ll thank us later!

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