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You Are Magical

There is only one you, magical you. This month I am so very grateful for your interest in this work, and your willingness to grow and learn with me. Everyone of us is “aging.” Not into “old age” – instead we are growing into the NEW age, and we are doing this together! A wonderful quote from one of the people I admire, Steven Gundry says, “Die young at a ripe old age.” I like it! What’s even more delightful for me, is I am attracting friends that have announced, as I have, that they intend to live to age 160 – or more! I am talking about a HEALTHY young 150. Sounds preposterous? Well, friends are telling me I’m seriously looking younger. And I feel younger too! So can you.
Even though the physical traditions will tell you, “You cannot take it with you.” The spiritual teaching that I believe says that you CAN take your spiritual mastery with you, and each of us does! That’s why emotional clearing is so good for us, as it removes the barriers to achieving our spiritual goals and mastery.
Each and every one of us is irreplaceable. I love interacting with you and supporting your spiritual growth. Each year I create a special event where we do our annual “Youthing” event. I’m a big fan of walking – and it turns out that researchers at the University of Georgia found a relationship between walking and cognitive function, even after a short walk of 6 minutes! We need to walk to exercise our brains! We also need to walk to get connected with mother nature, who is one of our biggest fans! This will improve our meditations, our attitude and our brains.
So, in this month, as we focus on our gratitude and we move our awareness toward the holidays and thanksgiving, I first want to join hands with my marvelous staff, and say thank you, to you, for allowing us to serve you. We have been reinventing ourselves for the past year, and are hoping to continue to serve you better.  We are growing and changing and evolving right along with you. We hope our offerings will serve you even better in the future! We are creating and hibernating as we move through this Mars retrograde.
What’s Mars retrograde good for? It’s good for all sorts of re-thinking and re-inventing. It impacts us for six weeks every two years. It is a “template” to set the stage for improving our direction, getting out of habits that no longer serve us, and choosing what to keep doing and what to change.
Mars retrograde invites major change. Change is hard for some. I considered myself pretty flexible, until I realized recently that I was stuck doing things the “old way” because it felt safe! Then I realized that I was holding myself too tightly in old patterns and it would be ok to let go! Additionally, as I was “deciding” on something, I actually was shown by one of the members of my annual program, The Ascension Institute, Nicole, that “deciding” was killing something off, and I didn’t need to kill anything (think pesticide) and I could choose! So can you.
Mars retrograde will end soon enough. (Oct 30-Jan 12) Until then, be ok with “not knowing” what’s really going to be happening next, and keep yourself in wonder. I wonder how that will work, or work out! Remember, you can choose to go with the flow – because you are one of humanity that is dealing with this also!
Every work day I write a to-do list for myself that includes who or what I am grateful for. I like to fold my letter size paper the long way, and write to-do on one side and Gratitude on the other. I make sure I have the same number of things on the grateful side as my action steps. My friend Peg Donahue taught me this trick. When I questioned why her to-do list form had only seven numbers on it … she said, “Usually a person can only get seven things done in a day.” However, I learned from my classes at the Vesica Institute that seven is a “carrier of highly beneficial information.” What this means is that when you power something up by seven (like my to do list and gratitude list) it enters the field with a momentum I otherwise would not have!
This keeps me focused and moving forward. I’ve also learned recently from a Ted Talk by Dr. Amit Sood, that he names five people he’s grateful for before leaving his bed in the morning! AND he says humorously, if you find yourself already in the bathroom, go back to bed and don’t get out until you make your list!
I’m so very grateful for you dear reader! Thank you for your loyalty and love. I appreciate you!
This Month’s Free Gift is:

Divine Transfusion

Screen Shot 2022 11 13 at 6.41.53 PM
This guided meditation provides the tools to heal from any physical, mental or emotional issue.
As I was creating it, I was told that we could ask for this transfusion for our family members and
the world. This is why the meditation is set up to invite your participation at each level,
reminding you to call in the Divine Transfusion for others and the world, as well as yourself.
In the case of difficult circumstances of any kind, one can ask for a divine transfusion. This
transfusion from God is possible by direct dispensation. A simple request may be all that is required.
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