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A Blow to the Heart: Ascension Rocket Fuel for the Higher Self

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The heart is the translator for Higher Self information. The more open your heart is, the clearer the incoming information will be. It is in your best interest to stay open and work through blows to the heart so that you can advance in your understanding of what your Higher Self has in store for you.

Love is the fuel. Your Higher Self needs your open heart’s love (fuel) to understand and interpret the information coming in through the MerKaBa and Higher Self. You are capable of higher and higher expressions of unconditional love. Rocket fuel contains higher octane to produce jet propulsion, just as your love quotient increases your ability to move and understand the third-dimension reality we live in.

Love is the basis for the fifth-dimension reality that is our goal. Give yourself the blessing of opening your heart every chance you get. What you desire is a level of unconditional love that enables clear communication from the fifth-dimension Higher Self.

Think about this analogy: When you are learning a foreign language, you have the opportunity to make a big leap by visiting the country that speaks your new language. When you take a blow to the heart, you achieve a similar leap. Your heart breaks off a layer of armor and you get to choose to remain exposed and more loving or close down and become hard-hearted. The choice is yours.

You may not understand this at first, but it has become abundantly clear to me that the opening of the heart is the key. Nothing will give you what you desire more than an open heart. The keys to the kingdom for all of us are hidden within a blow to the heart, which ultimately helps us understand information coming through the MerKaBa.

Fortunately, the blows to the heart get easier and easier. The time I had the wrong key to a friend’s apartment in the Bronx after a morning jog in early October was easier to accept than I’d like to admit. I was due in Manhattan in two hours, I hadn’t showered or brushed my hair or teeth, I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts with a hole in them, and the key didn’t work. Imagine my initial response—“I just will not go!”—to finally begging for $2 from a stranger to get a one-way subway fare and going in my worn workout clothes. If you’ve ever been in class with me, you know I take my professional appearance seriously, so it was a very big deal for me to go to teach a class this way.

When I returned to my friend’s apartment later that night, he was cross with me. At first I thought it was because my returning for my luggage meant he’d had to cancel his plans for an evening of dancing. Then when I checked in with my Higher Self I was reminded, “He is a nice man and it bothered him a lot that he’d let me down this way.” The upshot was that after I had dealt with my own feelings, I had to deal with his feelings of failure for giving me the wrong key. The knowledge that it had been a blow to the heart made it possible for me to remain calm and joyous, and to tell myself that it was not at all about inconsiderate behavior, but a chance to open my heart even more.

I hope you’ll remember my tale and laugh about me when your Higher Self informs you that the reason for someone else’s awful behavior is a blow to the heart. This laughter will help you open your heart, and believe me, you will need that little laugh to help you get through it.

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