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Release & Reinvent for Mars Retrograde

What is going on? How shall we move forward? What shall we do?

The world is rapidly changing all around us. Many things that we have loved have shifted and changed… some of you feel big losses, family members who have passed, favorite restaurants you may have missed, relationships that have gone sour. Brace yourself, it may get worse before it gets better! How will we find our way? The answer is to keep asking the question, “I wonder how it all worked out?” And then say, “I’m so happy with the outcome.”

Perhaps you have anger you have not dealt with. This upcoming Mars retrograde (Sept 9 – November 14) is likely to bring out YOUR unresolved anger issues! Be willing to deal with them in a pro-active way, NOW, by asking your angels and guides to help you clear any unresolved anger… before it “blows sky high.”

Recently, my husband burned a pan, badly. He was trying to help, and turned up the heat to the beets I was slowly cooking to be ready for salad. The following day I asked him if he was angry about something. I have found that whenever I burn something, aside from the obvious, “I wasn’t paying attention,” there is an underlying anger that I have not dealt with. Maybe he was “channeling“ the universal unhappiness about masks and Covid, or about the explosion in Beirut.

Since my husband is a fire scientist, he has dealt with explosions like what happened in Beirut. I can tell you that this was a bureaucracy mess. The authorities at the dock KNEW they needed to do something with the confiscated material that “blew up.” However, four separate requests for a judge to approve moving the material were left unanswered. And just to be clear, this substance cannot be ignited…. It is “uncontrolled fire” that causes an explosion. This is contrary to what we may think happened. (BTW that video that circulated with a so-called missile, was photo shopped. We saw the original footage, there was no missile. Even a bullet or gunshot would not have caused an explosion.)

We are beginning of a brand-new cycle. During these cycles, the Universe supports your taking a hard look at what worked and what failed you. It can help you find what you really liked, and can help you find what isn’t working, with grace and ease.

Use the “down time” to relax even more. Let yourself be confused about what you really want next. Be playful, make lists of what you think you want, and then let them sit… until more clarity arrives.

Now, what else can you do?

You can do clearing work for yourself and your family members. We have three people on our clearing team who do different types of clearing work, and they will all serve different purposes. You may learn to do “self-clearing” and remote clearing of others from my YouTube channel. You do not need to get permission from family/friends/co-workers to get them cleared, as these energies are “not allowed” to be here at this time.

You can find my clearing team in the Energy & Entity Clearing section of our store. I have worked with these individuals 10-20 years each, they are of very high integrity, and stand behind their work.

In addition, I highly recommend Emotional Freedom and Clearing work, since it gets at limiting beliefs and unresolved energies. Peg Donahue, one of the members of our clearing team, does that as well.

While Astrology will provide the templates of your life – You CAN opt out. You can step out of the template overlay – yet your efforts must be clear. It is extremely helpful to know that they are there and that you can work around them.

Mercury Retrograde is INSIDE the Mars retrograde this cycle. (October 15- Nov. 3, more next month!) This means that you are getting a double length “whammy” of review, reinvent and relax!  I teach people to step out of Mercury Retrograde, by announcing: “I am claiming all the benefits of Mercury Retrograde, and antidoting all the disadvantages….” With regard to (my appointments, my travel etc.) I have effectively “stepped outside” of the Mercury retrograde slowdown by arriving an hour earlier to my destination, on two different occasions, on trips across the continent from the Midwest to Hawaii.

Each time, the departing flight was over an hour late departing! How is this possible? I CLAIMED it, and held on to it. Net result I walked into my destination, and on a different trip, into my home an hour ahead of what was possible according to the schedules! This is in spite of the one-hour delay on departure!!! In both Honolulu and Chicago, I was able to catch an earlier flight that was scheduled to depart before my original flight that was now running late! I proved this prayer effective in even the most extreme circumstances.

However, you do not ask for this every day – because there are lessons to be learned from retrogrades. These templates take us through processes that we might otherwise ignore! How often do you clean out your dresser, your computer, closet, etc? Think of the places we can close down and ignore and move on to the next thing. Retrogrades are a time for reflection, review and releasing.

Now, let’s be proactive.

You may wish to use the guided meditation, “Letting Go of Anything.” This will also assist you in releasing something that you are incredibly attached to and afraid of letting go.

This is also a wonderful time to step into your sovereignty – your true authentic self. When you are truly in your sovereignty you become resilient to invaders, disease, attacks, and attempts (by others) to control you. This makes it ideal for individuals who are living or working with powerful people who don’t always listen to you. You also can, and ought to, hold yourself accountable – so that you can achieve anything you want.

So how do you step into and stay in your sovereignty? You can call upon the Goddess of Liberty. You might also get an “Orion Disc” from the Vibranz company. This disc will hold the human frequency, allowing you to step into your highest potential possible at the time.

What does the Orion Disc do? It a pendant that you can wear on your neck or put into your pocket. It’s first mission is to remove all obstacles preventing you being your most evolved self. Equivalent of “ET calling home.” It also permits your heart center to express true compassion through communications that are firm, yet kind, strong, yet powerful, empowering you to your authentic true self while wearing it.

You may have to ‘ease into’ your newfound inner sovereignty. This means that for everyone – there will be times that the Orion disc may be uncomfortable to wear. You must honor that. However, the longer you wear it, the more integrated this energy becomes.

In addition, this disc can inspire your creativity, and may be so stimulating that it could keep you up at night. If this is true, give yourself a break and put it close by, but not on your body. Perhaps at the head of your pillow or on your nightstand.

I found that the Orion Disc added an incredible improvement in my capacity to channel information during Akashic Records Sessions. While I’m an excellent channel, this amped up my capacity to deliver what my clients needed while in the Akashic Records. Used alone, I found that it improved my stretching and Qi Gong exercise. I can get more out of my workout – wearing it alone without the other pendants.

Disclaimer: if you use my link I will make a commission on this sale. You can learn more about the Orion disc and all of the other wonderful Vibranz tools at

It is essential that you not try to save the world or yourself in one fell swoop. You didn’t get where you are at by teleporting. Humans took one step at a time. Be kind to yourself and keep doing clearing work – that will help you unhook from obstacles.

My free download this month, Release and Reinvent, will take you through a guided meditation that will assist you, during this cycle of Mars retrograde, in this process of releasing the old and recovering your authentic self and along the way creating the new emerging you.


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