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Spiritual Capitalism

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This is what St. Germain always wanted! Freedom to be and do what you please while you work from a spiritual perspective. A definition of capitalism is “an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit.” Add the spiritual component and you have the added motivation that the profit “moves one towards God.”

What on earth??? Yes, it is true. St. Germain told me this himself when I opened up to receive the information that was appropriate for this article.

How does one do this? First, let me give you an allegory. This involves the difference between the “God-only Choice” and the “Not-God Choice.” Imagine someone you greatly admire who is living. It might be the Dali Lama, or a well-respected public figure. Imagine that you receive a phone call from a trusted friend who tells you that this idol is going to be in your town and needs a place to stay. No fuss is required. Can he or she stay with you? What’s your answer? Of course! You will say, “Yes.” The possibility of saying “No.” doesn’t even occur to you. You might follow it with, “When will he come?” or “How long will she stay?” This is the equivalent of the “God-only Choice.” Saying no is unthinkable. When you are fully aligned with your “God-only Choice” spiritual capitalism is easy!

We now live in a transformational time where we have access to greater knowledge and understanding as well as greater light. How do we capitalize on it? We ask for it! The heavens are full of light and love for us. We must supply the creativity. When we feel safe to follow the highest possible expression in any moment, we are inviting all of heaven to participate in the wonderful creative power of humanity fully aligned with God. It is the first time that Fifth Dimensional God connection is able to be retained and expressed in Third Dimension. Have we not been promised the “New Earth?”

It may mean that you dedicate a percentage of your proceeds to a specific charity. It may mean that you respond to specific emergencies with money, expertise or goods. What matters is that you understand that the opportunity to do what you are doing is part of a bigger system. It means you choose to serve your customers and your community at the same time. You use your ability for good to expand and grow good will, as well as pay your wages and build an organization.

It also means that you attract like minded individuals. How do you do that? You create a climate that includes “Serving those who appreciate what we have to offer and are inspired by our products and services.”

And it means putting your staff FIRST! Wow. That’s amazing. Why? Because if you treat your staff well, they will be able to look after your customers the way you would. When you make your staff the most important element of your company you make sure that they feel towards your company the way you want them to feel towards your customer. They claim ownership to your company and voila, you will have happy customers.

It means you are willing to empower your employees to make decisions that support the satisfied customer. It means that you find ways that are sure they KNOW they are first! It means that your employees are MORE important to you than your customers. They know how valuable they are. How do you think they will treat the customers and each other? Promise yourself that you will make this ONE change!

It is an indirect change that changes the playing field for everyone you work with. In my company we are currently a group of 5 empowered women and one man who have the ability to affect the whole. Each person is respected for their opinions and their beliefs. At the same time, we challenge one another to keep pace with our culture, community and clients we serve. You can too.

The recommended audio companion is:
Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity

The recommended guided meditation is Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity. Channeled
directly from the Akashic Records, this meditation is a ‘must have’ for anyone! Tap into the river
of unlimited opportunity to manifest all you desire. Learn to create, not from want but joy, not
demand but desire, bringing forth new ideas, opportunities and solutions. The River of Golden
Opportunity replaces the energy of limitation with unlimited awareness, unlimited abundance,
unlimited love. Dance in the River and fill your heart every day with wealth from beyond our
universe. It is always available to you. We receive it when we call it in.

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