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The Fine Art of Staying in 5D

The book Waking Up in 5D, by Maureen St. Germain, explains the “art” if you will of achieving and remaining in 5D. The book Waking Up In 5D is the study guide to our 5D experience. By reading and understanding this wonderful book, all of us can achieve 5D awareness.
According to Maureen St. Germain, “The first and most important thing is clear intention. You can start the process with a simple prayer when you go to sleep at night; ‘I claim that I wake up in 5D.” * Plain and simple, right? Maureen takes this process a step further by calling in fifth dimensional energies and as she explains to her students; “I am asking for ‘a day of Heaven on Earth for me and everyone I come in contact with. This produces magical results.”
Maureen St. Germain further explains; “You can consciously tap into this energy by making clear intention. Because you have a clean slate every day, you get to decide what intention to set each day. You get to decide to be full of love for life, for your fellow human, for yourself, and all living things on the Earth!” See Waking Up In 5D page 75.
Once we decide we want to be a fifth dimensional beings, ask for help. Maureen further explains; “At least once a day, I ask that my awareness be in my fifth dimensional self, and so can you. Ask for help from your angels, guides and Ascended Maters. You can also ask the Hathors, fifth-dimensional beings of love and light from Venus.” Again as stated in Waking Up In 5D page 75.
Meditation using the MerKaBa meditation techniques, as explained in previous blog posts, will help with your 5D awareness. This wonderful meditation tool will give us all a deeper connection to our Higher Self. Using our Higher Self as our guide, we will never go wrong, our decisions will become crystal clear, and the results are always for our highest and best good. Open your heart, ask for assistance and the love from the Divine will never fail you.
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