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Unseen Threats and Their Impacts

Innovative path

It is my highest ideal to support you and your path. I’m so grateful that we are super healthy in our homes in New York. I have a dear friend Suzanna here in New York city whose husband was in the hospital for 7 days with the COVID-19. He was on oxygen most of that time.

My friend, Susanna, participates in getting clearing work done for herself and family, (learn about that on my You Tube channel) and other spiritual practices. When she called me late one evening her husband had not been doing well, and she was asking for my help. After asking a few questions, and putting two and two together it became clear to me that there had been a very powerful curse put on her and her life. As I explained how this can happen, and how to deal with it, I predicted he would get better as soon as we finished. Together we repeated the very short and easy Clearing Curses Meditation and he got better instantly, and was sent home the following day.

The Clearing Curses Meditation is my “freebie” this month.  It is also contained in the book, Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality.  It is a very inexpensive book, and is available on my website and on Amazon. In addition, the book comes with free recordings of these prayers, so you never have to do this work by yourself.

If you are ill for any reason, and haven’t been able to have a breakthrough, you may try clearing of curses to see if that will release you from any ill-will sent your way by others. Keep in mind, cursing others sometimes is done innocently enough, and a person doesn’t realize they have done it. Others have made spiteful remarks intended to hurt you in the moment. When your conscious energy is “engaged” with that person it can impact you. Doing the Clearing Curses Meditation will free you from inadvertently accepting someone or something having power over you! Please be sure to listen to the intro as well for specific instructions and precautions.

In yet another instance, another friend’s husband, a professional with impeccable records had been looking for a new job for nine months. This was a well-qualified former Marine who had a fabulous resume and reputation. Yet, job after very good job, he was the number two candidate only to lose to another person! He had an Akashic Records session with me to see if there was something else to be learned, or some additional information to be gained. The Record Keepers said, “is there any possibility that you may know of someone who may have put a curse on you?” Keep in mind, the Record Keepers are very tender and will phrase things in the gentlest way. He suddenly recalled at his last job when he discharged an underperforming employee. Her parting remarks included some very specific, fierce and horrible threats to him, “You will lose this job, you will never work again, etc…” I don’t need to repeat all of it, but be sure she had an impact! He and his wife recited the Clearing Curses prayer immediately after the Akashic Records session. The VERY next day, he was offered a wonderful job with a good company doing what he excels at!

Getting back to my friend, Suzanna. She called me after her husband came home from the hospital seeking additional assistance. She asked me about the location where her husband sleeps. She added, “He’s been sick with colds and flu 3 times this winter!! Do you think sleeping near where their router comes into our home could have anything to do with this?” I gasped, because I know how unhealthy EMF is for the physical body. (Now they unplug it at night.)

Every night I call in an electronic Faraday Cage for me for the next 24 hours. This “Evening Prayer” is in my book, Waking Up in 5D. You may have said it a few times. Now I hope you will say it every night! I will include this prayer for you below.

A very alert friend, and nurse practitioner, sent me a video of Dr. Thomas Cowan talking about viruses. Dr Cowan is a well-respected MD, whose practice is based on nutrition. ( She wondered if this video had any merit. My Higher Self immediately confirmed that it was important and viable.

In this video, Dr. Cowan quoted Rudolph Steiner, founder of the Waldorf Schools, a mystic and an original member of the Theosophical Society founded by Helena Blavatsky. Steiner broke away, founding a slightly different version of the esoteric work, call Anthroposophy.

When Steiner was asked about viruses, he said that viruses are excretions of a toxic cell, pieces of RNA or DNA along with a few other proteins. The cell casts them off the body when the cell is poisoned, as it adapts to the electrification of the earth! He pointed to the Spanish Flu, the biggest pandemic of 1918, coincided with the first electrification of the earth by navies world wide (not just the US) that erected spark-gap transmitters which release incredible amounts of “dirty electricity.” Dirty Electricity is defined as electricity not confined to an identifiable sine wave.

During that epidemic it is estimated that 50 million people died worldwide, which was approximately 10% of the people afflicted with the flu. For those who were treated with homeopathy, the mortality rate was 0.7%. For individuals who were sick enough to be hospitalized, conventional medicine had a mortality rate of 30%! (Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy 1921, 13:1028-43.)

Dr. Cowan doesn’t stop there. He then references the book, The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg, that takes up the discussion of the warnings about the effects of electricity into the science lab. As I watched Dr. Cowan, I remembered my inner knowing, and experience with my internet router following me into bed was reinforced.

In that experience, climbing into bed late one night, I felt a hot piercing energy (like a hot probe) enter my ear. It was the same feeling you may have had on occasion when you hold your cell phone to your head and suddenly you have a sharp piercing pain in your ear.

I asked my guides what was going on, and I was shown the router as the culprit. I was informed that I was experiencing more than one dimension, and that in 3D this is NOT noticeable to the human ear. I immediately jumped out of bed, went to my office where the router was located just below my bedroom, and unplugged it. The next day my husband put the router on a timer!

Today we live in an apartment building with multiple “wifi” signals permeating the airwaves. That’s when I decided to create an energetic Faraday Cage around my bed, and around my body, to eliminate any EMF or any other energies inappropriate for human life. You can too!

What’s the antidote to all of this? Becoming more spiritual! Do your part. If you don’t know how to meditate, you will find multiple guided meditations to walk you through it. Right now the most valuable one you can do is the Golden Bowl Meditation.

This month’s featured audio, Clearing Curses, can be found in:

Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality

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