Open Your Heart: Learn The Classic 17 Breath MerKaBa Meditation

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Our connection to our heart is our connection to our soul. As Maureen St. Germain explains in Beyond the Flower of Life: “If ALL you do is the MerKaBa, your heart will open.” But there is so much more to the MerKaBa meditation, and this blog will attempt to explain it.

“You cannot continue to activate your MerKaBa daily, getting all the elements of yourself in perfect balance, without opening your heart. In other words, activating your MerKaBa will result in opening your heart,” say Maureen St. Germain. The daily practice of the scientifically geared, logical practice of MerKaBa will open your heart, regardless of what else you do. It is amazingly profound to know this. According to Maureen St. Germain, “Learning the meditation takes four focused hours in a MerKaBa workshop. Practicing it takes no more than five minutes daily.”

Maureen St. Germain explains the importance of the MerKaBa is the element of unconditional love. Unconditional love is one of the most profound forms of love in our life. We learn that love should have no conditions place on it, although many time this happens. Is it really love? “The benefits of developing your connection to your heart and unconditional love are enormous.” As Maureen further explains: “The heart is the translator for Higher Self information. The more open your heart is, the clearer the incoming information will be. It is in your best interest to stay open and work through blows to the heart so that you can advance in your understanding of what your Higher Self has in Store for you.” To see more of what is quoted here, please refer to the Beyond the Flower of Life.

In conclusion, the 17 Breath MerKaBa meditation is the gate to opening our heart, and connecting to our Higher Self. Maureen confirms: “Love is the fuel. Your Higher Self needs your open heart’s love (fuel) to understand and interpret the information coming in through the MerKaBa and Higher Self. You are capable of higher and higher expression of unconditional love.”

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The Fine Art of Staying in 5D

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The book Waking Up in 5D, by Maureen St. Germain, explains the “art” if you will of achieving and remaining in 5D. The book Waking Up In 5D is the study guide to our 5D experience. By reading and understanding this wonderful book, all of us can achieve 5D awareness.
According to Maureen St. Germain, “The first and most important thing is clear intention. You can start the process with a simple prayer when you go to sleep at night; ‘I claim that I wake up in 5D.” * Plain and simple, right? Maureen takes this process a step further by calling in fifth dimensional energies and as she explains to her students; “I am asking for ‘a day of Heaven on Earth for me and everyone I come in contact with. This produces magical results.”
Maureen St. Germain further explains; “You can consciously tap into this energy by making clear intention. Because you have a clean slate every day, you get to decide what intention to set each day. You get to decide to be full of love for life, for your fellow human, for yourself, and all living things on the Earth!” See Waking Up In 5D page 75.
Once we decide we want to be a fifth dimensional beings, ask for help. Maureen further explains; “At least once a day, I ask that my awareness be in my fifth dimensional self, and so can you. Ask for help from your angels, guides and Ascended Maters. You can also ask the Hathors, fifth-dimensional beings of love and light from Venus.” Again as stated in Waking Up In 5D page 75.
Meditation using the MerKaBa meditation techniques, as explained in previous blog posts, will help with your 5D awareness. This wonderful meditation tool will give us all a deeper connection to our Higher Self. Using our Higher Self as our guide, we will never go wrong, our decisions will become crystal clear, and the results are always for our highest and best good. Open your heart, ask for assistance and the love from the Divine will never fail you.
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Why is Maureen St. Germain’s MerKaBa Meditation training top-notch?

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To obtain the closest training to the authentic MerKaBa meditation, you will want to consult one of the world’s most respected metaphysical teachers, Maureen St. Germain, a classically trained facilitator who brings her personal work with this powerful energy to the next level.

Years and years of study usually result in mastery of a subject. From a teaching standpoint, this ensures that students will receive adequate and accurate information. However, imparting information to others—although comprehensive—can only go so far. To pass down knowledge with meaning and depth requires a personal understanding of the material and a true zest for the teaching that permeates the message. It is this passion that spiritual teacher Maureen St. Germain brings to her MerKaBa meditation training—making it stand head and shoulders above the crowd. 

What sets Maureen St. Germain apart from her contemporaries is her familiarity and thoroughness acquired from her own meditation on this material. She has learned how to hold space for individuals to activate their own MerKaBa and has embraced the importance of shifting and evolving her teaching methods. As a result, this have given her the opportunity to give students the understanding that represents years of study and mastery and the vast body of knowledge that has emerged around it, as well as her personal connectedness.

Without a doubt, Maureen St. Germain has a joy for teaching. Her heart is in her work, and she has cultivated her skills for more than 25 years—traveling enthusiastically throughout the world (into 24 countries) and in almost every major city throughout the U.S.—she unconditionally offered her training to students. Her sincerity and devotion to her work are evident in her reliance on her own personal MerKaBa activation and how she has used the MerKaBa meditation to persevere through very difficult times in her own life. She would never offer a student a spiritual tool that she did not use herself.

Maureen St. Germain has been personally trained by the original facilitator of this ancient classic 17-breath MerKaBa meditation. With a firm foundation and a deep connection to this spiritual tool, she began to experience a direct flow of information from Spirit. Many synchronicities developed, enabling her to enhance and improve the training. She received more Higher Self Connection that expanded the the program that could also help others transcend their 3-dimensional realities and experience fifth dimension or 5D for the first time.

As Maureen St. Germain spent more time in the light-energy field known as the MerKaBa, the flow of information became part of her course material. These newfound improvements made her classes stand out from the rest: uniquely different yet grounded in the original material.
The changes in mudras and other elements synched with students in programs across the nation and, ultimately, across the world. Students were hungering for more from Maureen St. Germain, and she continued to deliver directly from Spirit and her own personal understanding of the knowledge that is needed to live life in 5D, where knowing your Higher Self intimately guides you and your decisions. You’ll find that your 5th dimensional self is ready to serve you, heal you and help you.
There are many ‘ways to connect;’ however, Maureen St. Germain’s training is unparalleled. Explore the power of your very own light-energy field and start this unique journey today. You can download a copy of the classic 17 breadth MerkaBa Meditation training at

Connecting To Your Higher Self

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Connecting to our Higher Self is the cornerstone of our ascension into 5D awareness.  Achieving and maintaining ones 5Dconsciousness requires relying on our Higher Self for all the answers we seek daily.  How do we connect?  How do we begin this connection and keep it?  These questions are answered by reading Maureen St. Germain’s books Waking Up in 5D and, Beyond the Flower of Life.  Maureen writes extensively about this subject but for the purpose of this blog, we will explore how to connect and why.

Connecting to our Higher Self is basically relying on teaching yourself to recognize yes and no signals which comes from the still small voice or what instinctively comes to us during prayer and meditation.  According to Maureen St. Germain, “The Higher Self is a version of you that is fully connected to God.  It is that part of you that is fully aware of yourself as you and as God.”  “Your first goal is to move your Higher Self presence into your physical body.  Then you will be a walking ascended being.”

In the Beyond The Flower of Life book, it state, “The Higher Self connection is something you build, with a specific practice that if done with diligence, will not fail you in your time of need. This is more important than programming your MerKaBa.” Once you program your MerKaBa however, you will begin to connect with your Higher Self.  For 45 days, begin asking your Higher Self simple yes or no questions that require simple yes or no answers.  The answers will come and will not fail you.  As you move forward after those 45 days, you may ask harder more complex questions then, open your mind to the answers you receive.  Those answers will move into you and be the truth. The process will become easier with relaxed practice.  Do this daily, and you’ll never be disappointed.

As Maureen St. Germain explains: “If you attempt to program your MerKaBa without the Higher Self connection, you will fail miserably and can cause considerable damage to yourself and others.  Programming the MerKaBa without Higher Self endorsement for each and every program is a form of black magic.  After your have established direct communication with your Higher Self, you will be able to integrate more of your Higher Self into your physical form.  This is the goal of Ascension.  When you do this, you are claiming your roots.  You are claiming your heritage as a Divine Being.”

Therefore, begin to explore and discover your Higher Self connection.  Learn the MerKaBa and enjoy your new life in 5D awareness.  You will find your relationships with others will change and most importantly, your relationship with yourself will change, all for the better.  The road to enlightenment through our Higher Self connection, is the true road to a better and more productive life.

To learn more about the topics in this article, read Beyond the Flower of Life (pages 70-72) by Maureen St. Germain at

Become An Akashic Records Guide

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Learning to access the Akashic Records is equivalent to meeting the “Library of Your Soul.” The Akashic Records holds all your thoughts, words, emotions, and intents for the past, present, and possible or probable futures. Meeting your Akashic Guides and solving your inner most concerns is one of the most profound experiences you will ever encounter. You will learn to be in touch with their Higher Self, to improve your channel the wisdom from the record keepers and spirit guides. The Akashic Records International, Inc holds periodic training sessions for those interested in being guides for both themselves and others. All new guides are given extensive training and a Code of Ethics they must agree to. All new guides must complete mandatory trainings, conduct 25 practice sessions and a “final exam” with a member the review team by opening and channeling the answers to the reviewer’s personal questions.

Akashic Records Guide

So, what are the qualifications for becoming an Akashic Records guide for others? As Maureen St. Germain explains: “You must be a person who cares deeply about serving yourself, the others, and humanity.” Becoming an Akashic Records guide requires integrity, truth and most of all, the willingness to be a conduit with the records for your clients. Accessing the records for a client can be both an experience filled with joy and an experience to relay the basic truths of life. Opening the Akashic Records for others is for those who want to contribute to the well being of the client and humanity as a whole. It is very satisfying being able to help others this way. Those who desire to become an Akashic Records guide, should investigate further by going to and click on the link for the Akashic Records. Information for up-coming classes is available in 2022.

What is MerKaBa?

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Imagine being able to fly a plane without having taken an advanced flight course. Your very own ‘automatic pilot’ takes over with ease. Your trust your instincts, and you soar! Of course, from an aviation standpoint, this is not possible. However, this idea of operating at your highest level and achieving mastery in the fifth dimension with minimal or no previous experience is possible on a spiritual level once you have activated your MerKaBa. Where do you begin? The perfect place to start is through the activation of your personal energy field known as the MerKaBa, which allows you to operate as if you are fifth dimensional even if you haven’t yet learned how. You can transcend the time-space continuum and dimensional limitations and ultimately become 5D in your 3D bodies. As a result, you can achieve a more harmonious, contented understanding of yourself, the people you love, the individuals who may challenge you and the universe.

Classic MerKaBa meditation

Practiced for more than 16,000 years, the classic MerKaBa meditation and its magical qualities have attracted people who have yearned for deeper self-awareness and the spiritual tools to help them navigate life’s difficult periods. The MerKaBa’s rotating, geometric, crystalline energy field surrounds the physical body and provides the gateway to multiple dimensions of tranquility. It is widely symbolized in sacred geometry as a beautiful shape of two spinning and intersecting tetrahedrons. Teacher, Maureen St. Germain has studied this light-energy field for many years, and her teaching has evolved as she has learned more and more. Maureen St. Germain’s passion to remain true to the classic MerkaBa stems from her very own MerKaBa story and the self-awareness she gained and wanted to share because of practicing, developing, and evolving the classic 17-breath method and, eventually, sharing a 5D meditation. As Maureen St. Germain personally spent more time with this powerful energy field, the flow of information became part of her course material, which set her apart from many other teachers. She stayed true to the original meditation practice but has worked with people to help them understand MerKaBa meditation instructions to connect to their expanded energy field in 5D, where trust in one’s Higher Self actively and effectively helps guide one’s decision making and sense of personal awareness. To activate your MerKaBa, download Maureen St. Germain’s class at

Expelling The Entities

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Spiritual beings or entities live in and around us, they’re with us constantly. It’s how we work with them that matters. Dark entities are damaging to our souls and clearing work is necessary to eliminate these energies. These dark, damaging entities will psychically attack us. By using the tools, like the MerKaBa, explained in Maureen St. Germain’s book Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality, one can learn the tools and techniques to clear and live an entity free life. We can clear ourselves with a bit of training. One way is to call in Archangel Michael. “Archangel Michael is the angel known in all three of the world’s monotheistic religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam. His name also appears in Ancient Egyptian mythology. His name means, ‘Who is like God.’ Just by calling his name, you are claiming the casting-off properties of this Archangel, state that all that is not like God be dispersed.” As referenced in Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality, page 53. Maureen St. Germain further recommends “that you ask Archangel Michael to assist you and clear the area with his nets of blue lightning angels. Just like one uses a bag to collect and haul garbage to the dump, you are inviting Archangel Michael to carry the entities away. referenced in Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality, page 53. As well as doing the classic 17 breath MerKaBa meditation daily.


Another way to clear dark damaging entities is by asking the Elohim or the Golden Illumination Elohim to assist with clearing energies.” referenced in Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality, page 53. The Golden Elohim are like an enzymatic cleanser. The energetic enzymes consume your attachment to the cause and core of the dark energy so you can release it.” referenced in Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality, page 54. By accessing the following link, you can use the guided meditation called Meditation to the Crystal Elohim to assist you to eliminate these destructive entities. We can by nature so innocently draw entities to ourselves. Maureen St. Germain explains:” There are some types of entities that will be drawn to you. They can be energy that has been in the earth for a while. You can be creating the hook for that type of energy with your emotion. “Referenced in Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality, page 55. Maureen St. Germain also explains; “it might not be all about you when entities come up for clearing. You can be processing for other entities or energies that need your assistance for them to move forward. You may be a vehicle for clearing the Earth. There is honor in performing this work.” referenced in Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality, page 55. “There are numerous kinds of entities and energies that may inhabit your body, without your conscious awareness. Most are not fully present until you have done some level of clearing work. Some of these external energies are benign; others are there taking advantage of you and using your energy. Clearing these is easy, we command they leave us and by cosmic law they must leave.” referenced in Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality, page 56. Finally, by activating your MerKaBa daily, we become insulated from psychic attacks, dark destruction entities and it becomes a wall for entities to penetrate. “If you have an activated MerKaBa and feel a psychic attack coming on, consider re-examining your experience to discover if they have instead triggered a memory of a previous psychic attack. These entities are trying to mislead you into thinking that you have just been attacked. The net result is that this “false” attack isn’t as strong as the original. “******* You can delete all psychic attack memories from your mind. This will make your mind empty and unwilling to allow a psychic attack to happen again. Learn more about expelling the entities that may have attached themselves to you with Maureen’s Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality. Available at

Sacred Geometry – The Design of Life

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The whole of life is built upon a sacred plan created by the Divine. The very essence of life from the beginning, has a mathematical plan, a spark, and a design. “Understanding Sacred Geometry will greatly aid your abilities to shift and adjust to the fifth-dimensional you,” explains Maureen St. Germain in her book Waking Up In 5D.

Maureen St. Germain further explains: “Sacred geometry, the study of mathematical ratios, harmonics, and proportion, can be found throughout the cosmos in music, light, and design.” ** The golden mean or phi is one of the ratios most significant throughout nature. It can be found in the DNA spiral, bones, plants, and celestial bodies.

According to Waking Up In 5D (page 87), “discovering divine expressions of sacred proportion throughout nature unlocks and activates codes in you that allow you to access your divine wisdom.” ** “Accessing this information will aid your progress in becoming fifth dimensional. Looking at mandala art, learning about sacred geometry, or using it in meditation are just a few of the powerful uses of the magical study. It is an essential aspect of the Classic 17 breath MerKaBa Meditation.”

In fact, one of Maureen St. Germain’s best attended courses in 2021 was her class on the Divine Feminine part of her 6-part Sacred Geometry series. This course will be offered again in December 2021, if this is of interest to you.

Creating Your Own Heaven on Earth


Creating Heaven on Earth is not an impossible task, it only takes a connection to one’s Higher Self which is a connection to the Divine. This month we are going to explore the Concept of Heaven on Earth, how we can make this connection and how to move forward in our lives, to enjoy every day in heaven.

Connecting to the Divine, our source of all life, is simple once one understands how to make this connection. So many of us came from “traditional backgrounds” which threatened that if we are not good girls or boys we wouldn’t go to heaven. How absurd, Heaven is right here, the life you are leading now but the key is the connection to the Divine. Through this divine connection, we will ascend from being in a 3D awareness to a new 5D awareness.

What is 5D: The fifth dimension is a higher vibrational realm than our normal 3D reality. When we connect to our Higher Self and raise our awareness and vibration, our experience of life shifts.” In 5D you can even change reality as it stands. One of the most important tools you can use is my personal request of the universe,” Maureen St. Germain explains in her book, Waking Up in 5D; “I am asking for a day of Heaven on Earth. When you make this invocation, you change the reality. How: You have given yourself and anyone you meet the energy imprint of 5D, Heaven on Earth.” * Can it really be that simple? Yes! Prayers and invocations can create miracles! Try it for yourself and see! Remind yourself throughout each day to connect with your Higher Self, to keep your awareness in tune with your vision of the heaven you wish to create.Continue reading

The Value of the 17 Breath MerKaBa Meditation

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Meditation has been referred to as a conversation with the Universe. We are a participant in a flow of information coming from the divine to use that which is channeled through our Higher Self. Some say prayer is us talking to Spirit, while meditation is Spirit talking to us. Daily meditation is soul cleansing, offering us an understanding on a soul level, as well as questions answered through our Higher Self speaking to us in the stillness in our hearts. With more than 25 years of experience, the practical mystic Maureen St. Germain can help you begin this profound conversation.

One of the deepest meditations available, which may take us to places in our consciousness that we haven’t reached before, is the MerKaBa 17 Breath Meditation. What is the MerKaBa and why is it so profound? The book Beyond the Flower of Life explains that the MerKaBa “is a Body of Light or Light Body” that is “activated from a geometric field that exists around the body.” We all have this geometric field around our bodies. All living entities have this geometric field, including the planetary and solar systems. It is the framework that holds all of creation. Deep inside of us, we know this truth. Learning MerKaBa is simply remembering who we are. When we practice it regularly, it becomes a part of us to which we feel deeply connected.

Because your MerKaBa is alive and connected to you it can respond to you and your desires. With an active Higher Self connection, you can give crystal-clear fifth-dimensional directions to help you achieve your heart’s desire. Those who dream can build greater and greater things. Our world was built by dreamers who had visions of a better life.” Living in 5D awareness is freeing mentally, but also physically. Many of us find peace and a deeper connection to Spirit by daily activating our MerKaBa.

This daily activation offers many benefits. Our MerKaBa is “consciously aware of everything going on in the entire Universe.” Can you imagine that there is a part of you that is connected to and aware of everything – including what’s happening in other dimensions? Connecting to the MerKaBa can help us connect to newfound aspects of ourselves and our place in the Universe.

By activating one’s MerKaBa daily and using the 17 Breath MerKaBa meditation, you’ll create a deeper awareness of connection to your Higher Self. You’ll have more control of your life and the ability to manifest your greatest desires more easily. “You will feel great love for everyone you meet. Life becomes compelling and heartwarming. Even difficult situations become manageable and joyful. Once your MerKaBa is permanent, you will always have an open and active connection to your heart.”

Experience physical and mental freedom as you restore your inner peace. Contact Maureen St. Germain today.

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