What is MerKaBa Stone?

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Many adults have a negative recollection of their first encounter with the subject of geometry in school. Part of the reason is that geometry is taught as theory, without any practical application to real life. However, by going beyond their present understanding—deep into the symbolism of numbers—individuals can uncover the hidden codes of life. In doing so, they will learn to apply sacred geometry to their manifestation work.

Sacred geometry holds the key to creation in matter. When people carefully examine geometry, they suddenly see that angles and shares are replicated throughout nature and the Universe. It’s then, that they have truly turned geometry into something sacred. Within this concept of sacred geometry people can understand the significance of the MerKaBa stone.

The MerKaBa stone meaning is powerful. Many people say it looks like a three-dimensional version of the Biblical star of David, rooted in Judaism. Essentially, it is a star tetrahedron (a solid triangular pyramid with four triangular faces) with geometric shapes spinning in opposite planes. A star-tetrahedron, then, is two tetrahedrons nested midway to produce a six-pointed three-dimensional figure. The MerKaBa star/stone meaning embodies balance and unity. It can help balance energy fields, which makes it the perfect accompaniment for MerKaBa guided meditations.

MerKaBa stone meaning can be analyzed further by examining the importance of each side of the shape. The top of the tetrahedron, for example, represents the masculine force; the lower side represents the feminine force. They are opposing forces: dark/light, physical/spiritual. They spin in opposing directions but et they come together harmoniously through meditation. Once this balance is achieved, an individual can use this energy, or light, to enter a higher consciousness apart from three-dimensional reality.

Some people ask: What stone should a Merkaba be? There is no correct answer. Depending on your meditation intentions, these spiritual tools range from obsidian to rose quartz and tiger’s eye.

Regardless of the type of stone, MerKaBa meditations link 17 breaths and mudras to specific points of the tetrahedron. For example, the number six is directly related to the six external points of the star-tetrahedron, or Divine Light Body. There are actually eight points of the MerKaBa as individuals work their way around the star-tetrahedrons, but two reside in the axis points and get cleared each time they pulse. It is possible to repeat the same mudras and breaths up to eight, but those numbered one through six are all that is necessary.

Breath 15 is the activation of the star-tetrahedrons (two nested tetrahedrons) around individuals that move in opposite directions at equal speed. Remember, these three star-tetrahedrons are part of the bigger system that is put in place in the earlier parts of the meditation. How much does the speed increase? The rotation automatically jumps to one-third the speed of light. People’s intention to “start the motor” increases the speed to one-third of light speed. Breath 17 activates the relationship to nine-tenths the speed of light.

Learn more about how the power of sacred geometry and MerKaBa stones can be a wonderful spiritual component of your next guided meditation with the help of Maureen St. Germain’s Mystery School.

MerKaBa Crystal Uses

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Crystals have long been associated with “magical” powers. From films to fairytales, they held visions of the future or shone as points of light on the crown of royalty. However, in the spiritual world, these harbingers of light have more profound properties. The MerKaBa crystal is an ideal example.

First, it’s important to note that MerKaBa is synonymous with the body of light that surrounds people’s bodies. This crystalline shield holds enormous energy, accessed through meditation. Traveling with the MerKaBa does not mean moving from one planet to another, but much more. It is moving within a global energy field that does not belong to time and space but works as a kind of geometric reference for outer manifestation. Once understood, it allows complete freedom to move about in consciousness.

This means the MerKaBa puts you perfectly in touch with the third-dimensional and fifth-dimensional reality in such a way that you always know what you need to know when you need to know it. And it supports you to manifest easily.

Spiritual facilitator, teacher and best-selling author Maureen St. Germain has traveled the world exploring, studying and speaking on the subject of how to use MerKaBa crystal to enhance and elevate meditation experiences. These stones are typically tetrahedrons—the geometric symbol of creation and unity (sometimes call the flower of life).

Geometry is often difficult to understand because it is rarely connected to anything personal in people’s lives. To better imagine these symbols, begin by extending a line from the edges of each of the tetrahedrons into the air. The easiest way to see this is to tape skewer sticks to the edge of a cardboard MerKaBa and then spin it—imagining that there is one spinning around you to the right (emotional body star-tetrahedron) and one to the left (mental body star-tetrahedron) around a stationary one. It produced cones that appear to be slightly off-center. Upon closer examination you will see that they are secondary rotational fields created from the edge of the star-tetrahedron field. A car’s four-cylinder engine will create a secondary counter-rotating field within the engine’s cradle, called the engine’s harmonics. Anyone who has worked on an older car uses a strobe timing light to balance this and keep it in harmonic resonance. Likewise, the MerKaBa’s secondary field is creating harmonic resonance that stabilizes and harmonizes everything within it.

The meaning of MerKaBa crystal stems from its representation of one’s inner flame or light of life. This association with the Divine can help people gain greater awareness.

MerKaBa crystal healing has been used to create greater focus, establish boundaries around a meditation space, release fear that blocks energy and balance chakras. Their power as spiritual tools during meditation are embraced by many participants. Different crystals are used for different purposes. For example, black tourmaline and clear quartz are energy cleansers, and crown chakra crystals promote balance. Other crystals, such as ruby, topaz and sapphire, are used to augment meditations, as well.

Contact Maureen St. Germain and her professional team to learn more about how crystals can be an ideal accompaniment to your guided meditations.

Healing Old Wounds and Facing Our Fears

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For some, fears rule their thoughts and ultimately their lives. We can learn how to use our fears, old habits, old thoughts and old ideas and allow them all to become a thing of the past, as we begin our ascension work. In Maureen’s latest book, Mastering Your 5D Self, she explains how we need to approach our memories and face those fears that live in the back of our minds during our lifetimes. “As you approach your memories, you are going to be facing many opportunities to ‘right the wrongs.’ You can decide, as you review experiences, that it doesn’t matter, and your memories will soften. If you use your mind to let your opinion, be amplified by your emotional reaction and judgement that someone or something is to be punished, you will stay in the third dimension.” pg 68 Mastering Your 5D Self

Learning to live and breathe in 5D is the basis for Maureen’s teaching. Letting go of our of the fears and habits that “tie” us down, is the key to our ascension. “You can change the matrix of how you experienced an event or events.” Pg 68 Mastering Your 5D Self We can change all our painful memories and choose to heal them by learning to merge timelines.

“Remembering past traumas begins a certain way. There are node points in time and space that allow you to access information (tunnel down) that you have either forgotten or been blank-slated (to not remember). A node point is a point on a time line that is parallel or close to another time line. The node point can allow for them to merge permanently or partially. You may have a trigger occur, which is usually in that same physical location, with or without a similar situation, and the mind is able to tunnel back to the original event.” Using your understanding of node points, you may clear out old wounds by revisiting a past wound and then remaking it into a new version of the past.” Pg 69 Mastering Your 5D Self

As humanity awakens, we will be able to look at these points in time, change them for the better and begin to heal from our past wounds. “Humanity is about to forget about all the pain and suffering we have been through. We are merging multiple time lines and this is part of the great forgetting. The merging of time lines is part of a greater action to heal and transform experiences. Humanity has suffered over its suffering. Man’s inhumanity to man has caused huge suffering that is not tolerated nor likely to be created again. This inhumanity was the result of certain forces influencing humans to choose darkness over light. That era has ended and will not be revisited. Humans have used memory to revisit their pain and suffering. They did it to ensure they would not do it again. Unfortunately, there were those (dark forces) who thrived on negative loosh.” pg 69 Mastering Your 5D Self

Tame the Monkey Mind with Guided Meditations

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In the 21st century, it seems that multi-tasking is a necessity. With the demands of work, home, school, family and community, doing more than one thing at any given time enables people to get more done. Multi-taskers are applauded. But at what price? After a while, this frenetic pace can be exhausting and detrimental to people’s emotional and mental well-being. Moreover, the harried schedule can by physically fatiguing. Distracted, perpetually on the go and frazzled, people pay the price.

Buddhists have long called this unsettled and restless state the “monkey mind.” Coined centuries ago, the term, of course, did not account for the overwhelming distractions that would increase exponentially in modern society. From cell phones to computers, incessant texts, omnichannel platforms and instant messaging, the digital age has ushered in even more ‘chatter’ in people’s minds. In fact, the problem is so common that a recent Forbes Magazine article explored its prevalence in modern society and how it is causing many people to become unnecessarily self-absorbed.

How can people tame this monkey mind? Meditations that are guided are a soothing option.

With gentle coaching through audio, video or live sessions, these daily practices can quiet the frazzled and fragmented parts of your being and open your heart to a calmer, more peaceful self. Spiritual facilitator Maureen St. Germain has composed and voiced dozens of these guided meditations on a multitude of topics that inspire people to live their best lives.

These sessions include: Reality Remix, which helps practitioners release themselves from regret and experience true bliss; Golden Bowl, which enables people to connect to their sixth sense. The newly recreated Open Your Heart to Love Countdown conquers fear and worry by lifting people’s spirits and helping them feel enriched by the presence of their Higher Self. Without even trying, students of this practice have noticed more smoothness in their everyday life, along with sincere kindness, without even trying to be a better person. They have rooted out what are known as the five ‘poisons’ to the soul: anger, greed, lust, envy, jealousy, pride and ignorance. In the process, they are able to control their scattered thoughts and deeply focus beyond what they have ever experienced beforehand.

Along these lines, learning the scientifically geared, logical MerKaBa meditation takes four focused hours in a MerKaBa workshop. Practicing it takes no more than five minutes daily. This is not a big investment for the results that will be achieved: being connected with fifth-dimensional reality and enjoying it for a lifetime.

The next time your brain is leaping wildly from one thought to another, like a monkey swinging through the trees, seek out guided meditations from the professionally trained team at Maureen St. Germain Mystery School to ground your thoughts and achieve a bit of heaven on earth.

What is the Difference between Transcendental Meditation and the MerKaBa Meditation?

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When studied carefully, many religions reveal common threads. Likewise, some meditations use similar practices. However, there is a profound difference between transcendental meditation and the MerKaBa meditation. The key is understanding some of their significant features that distinguish them from each other.

Transcendental meditation has its roots in the Indian Vedic tradition, closely related to Hinduism. “TM,” as it is often called, is based on silent, repeated mantras—many of which became more well known in the 1960s, when a yoga guru founded and popularized the approach.

MerKaBa meditation, on the other hand, originated from a combination of methods chosen from Hindu, Egyptian, Hebrew, Tibetan, and other traditions for the original 17-Breath meditation. The term ‘MerKaBa’ stems from the Hebrew term which means ‘chariot to ride in’ and relates to the throne-chariot of God in prophetic visions. A likeness of a man drives the chariot.

The MerKaBa is a Body of Light or Light Body, activated from a geometric field that exists around the body. Everyone has this field around them, as do planets, solar systems, and other living entities. This means learning it is a remembering experience for humans. Once they have remembered the MerKaBa, they can choose to activate it daily until it becomes permanent. Undoubtedly, it will.

This body of light is fifth-dimensional, which can be remembered and activated. It is not necessary to acquire it, since it is already there. It is from the future of a more advanced version of humanity. This, combined with the Christ Consciousness Grid around the earth, ensures Ascension.

MerKaBa meditation technique uses 17 distinct breaths. Accompanying each of the 17 breaths are mudras, or meditative hand gestures, which serve distinct purposes, such as creating balance with oneself and within oneself. MerKaBa meditation is guided and can be learned by anyone with practice. Certain moments during the practice, for example at breath 14, are ideal spots in which to find one’s Higher Self. Each step of the meditation brings people closer and closer to finding the best possible version of themselves, leaving the three-dimensional world and experiencing the 5th dimension to start.

One of the many exciting benefits of MerKaBa meditation is traveling with the MerKaBa. This does not mean moving from one planet to another, but much more. It is moving within a global energy field that does not belong to time and space but works as a kind of geometric reference for outer manifestation. Once understood, it allows complete freedom to move about in consciousness.

This means the MerKaBa puts individuals perfectly in touch with the third-dimensional and fifth-dimensional reality in such a way that they always know what they need to know when they need to know it. Moreover, it supports them to manifest easily.

World-respected teacher, author and spiritual consultant Maureen St. Germain has written books, traveled the world and coached countless people in MerKaBa meditation and its benefits. Contact the St. Germain Mystery School to learn more about how to get started.

The Genie first shows itself – Part 2

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Amazingly, she provided me with details on how to submit a proposal, which was due in three weeks, and added, “If you submit it for this year, I will speak in favor of it, because I sit on the committee!” She was the one person who would be strongly in favor of this sort of workshop on the committee. She believed there was not enough self-development coursework and she felt the Genie workshop would address that!

She was the exact person to help me and presented herself to me with little or no effort on my part. Coincidence? I think not, we almost didn’t meet! The only thing I did was run my movie over and over in my head and then respond to the opportunity to meet with the perfect person to aid me in my goal.

Of course, I had to do my part. I had to prepare an outline to submit to the committee, which had to be substantial enough to get to the committee review in the first place!

This accomplishment was so huge for me that the first year I was almost in a daze that I actually pulled it off! The second year was the test of my true mettle; for I could see clearly what I had accomplished and wondered if I could do it again. Certainly if it was a coincidence, the odds were against me! If I could do it again, it proved the Genie System worked. It did.

During this cycle of four years, while working at the non-profit organization, I was running a lot of movies. I wanted to have my bills paid off. I wanted to be a great mom and parent. I wanted to do an awesome job at my day job. I wanted to succeed at the seminar business I was starting. I wanted lots of things.

I began offering tours to Egypt during this period. When I was in Egypt, the people called me Mrs. Magic, because many magical things happened while I was there with my groups.

When everyone else was discontinuing trips to Egypt, I was bringing people. I found that when I worked with this magical formula, I was much more plugged into life and how things work than I could ever have imagined. The Genie material will really help you gain this mastery, but more importantly, it will help you define and create your heart’s desire, just like magic.

My life is far from perfect. I have many challenges every day. Sometimes I forget to make a movie. Sometimes I stew over the things I don’t want. I have found that an attitude of gratitude disperses resistance, and that what I dwell on has a way of returning again and again.

I have learned that I can “Be a Genie,” and you can be too. I am so grateful to the participants of my workshops, to my editor and publisher and all my supporters for the opportunity to share what I have learned and discovered. I know that if you learn and apply the information contained in this book, you will “Be a Genie.”

What are Internal entities?

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Internal entities are energies or entities that you have co-created with God. In the classification below, they are labeled personal entities. These were usually created by you when you were younger and closer to God and still remembered how to do this. Sometimes, these entities are created in times of intense emotion where you were not feeling safe. They are your creation and it is up to you to evolve them in order for anything to change. Internal entities cannot be sent home to God, as you ARE God to them since you co-created them with God. In addition, internal entities are beneficent and although immature, are attempting to help you. They were created by you in all types of stressful situations to help you operate safely.

When people (usually during childhood) are faced with a difficult situation, they create a personal entity to form a pattern that ensures safety. For example, let’s say one of your parents was an alcoholic with huge anger issues. You, as a child, are just learning to express emotions. Children don’t come equipped to handle emotions. In a normal family, when a child has an outburst the healthy parent will respond with something like, “Johnny, we will have to go sit in the car if you insist on wailing like this in the store.” And then the parent follows through calmly moving to the car and waiting in the car with the child if necessary.

In a less functional family, when the parent verbally raises his voice, the child yells back. Then the parent escalates, so then the child escalates, and thus the power struggle begins. Next escalation, the adult usually turns to abusive language or behavior. It is at that moment the child moves into the fight or flight response and creates a pattern that works to keep the parent from escalating. This is particularly evident in some children who are raised by dysfunctional caregivers and never learn “normal” responses to difficult situations. As adults, they find they still react in the same child-like ways as their “default” pattern. This is because the pattern is a real entity that they have created when they were a child, hence its immature expression.

Even “normal” adults have them

Even mature, normal adults have these patterns from childhood because the child-mind doesn’t understand the real meaning of a situation. For example, a parent who unintentionally gives the impression that boys get better stuff than girls may cause a female to create a childhood entity that will make sure she gets more of the “good stuff” that she sees the boys in her family get. This is fine except that the programming she creates is probably that of an angry ten-year-old, and at age 30, it interferes with the productive relationships in her life. This is why the process of Quantum Matrix Healing, found in the book Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality and taught by Maureen St. Germain, is so very powerful. The process allows for the maturing of the entities developed in childhood, which then helps people be their best self.

The Genie first shows itself – Part 1

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How a Manifestation Workshop Led to a Life-Changing Book

In the midst of my career, I realized that what I really wanted to do was write a book. But that was too far out for me to imagine, so I decided that the only way to create a book on the manifestation process that I had developed was to do something really dramatic and relatively straightforward that would lead to the book writing itself. I kept wondering what I would call this method, and ran one of my first Genie movies where someone was thanking me for writing the book. Spontaneously, I called it by name in the first visualization that became a movie-of-the-mind. That movie provided the spontaneous conversation where I called it, “Genie in the Bottle!” Even though writing a book was my heart’s desire, I had no idea where to begin. The workshop idea kept returning. If I created a workshop with all the information I was putting together, the book would just show up! For me, it would be easier to lead a workshop than to write a book. My trade association has an annual meeting, and I thought I could serve as a presenter. I also figured that if I could get named as a speaker on their roster, it would prove that the Genie material was perfect for manifesting even the most unusual ideas. Getting selected to speak seemed daunting. In fact, in hindsight, it was a pretty daring idea to think that a woman who had no credentials and no degree would be named a speaker! I just followed the principles and tools I developed for the Genie System and the rest is magic. How did I get on the roster in the first place? I ran into an old friend who was leaving the fundraising field. I shared what was going on in my life. Spontaneously, I told her about my desire to be a presenter at this association meeting. After all, she was leaving and wouldn’t be in competition with me. I also surmised that if I got the speaking engagement, somehow the material for the workshop would come to me in a format that would lead to writing this book! I started out with the concept that I would present to the National Society of Fundraising Executives at their national association meeting. Five thousand people usually attend. If you have ever been to a national association meeting, the breakout sessions are like bar hopping. It is commonplace for a conference attendee to skip around to different breakout sessions, and no one takes the coming and going personally. You select several sessions that you find interesting, knowing you cannot attend all of them. If the first one doesn’t excite you, you try another. My goal was to present such a riveting session that no one would leave, all the seats would be taken, and there would be standing room only! Within 12 months of creating this goal I accomplished it, and repeated it the following year. For my speaking in the breakout sessions, I created a movie where no one left, and more and more people kept coming into the room. My movie came true. No one left the room. We had standing room only.

The Spirals and Their Magic


Spirals are everywhere.  All of mother nature is in a spiral form, in one way or another.  When we all start out, in embryonic form, we are created in a spiral. As Maureen St. Germain explains in her latest book, Mastering Your 5D Self; “Everything that comes in from higher dimensions is in spiralsSpirals show up in the way that plants grow (phyllotaxis).  Spirals allow us to ‘pace’ the incoming information.  Everything is moving.  New evolution is curved, and everything is rotating. “ pg 135 Mastering Your 5D Self

The Universe, stars, planets and suns, are all in a curved, spiral fashion.  The earth rotates on its axes in a clockwise, circular fashion.  This is by design, God’s hand in creating life. Manmade drawings, buildings or creative human endeavors will contain flat lines.  But God’s creations are always curved.  “Even trees have rings!  We know that light moves in waves, we know that specific color produces specific wave lengths.  We know that smoke rises in curves.” Pg 135 Mastering Your 5D Self

“This awareness of spirals, and especially the spiral found in the golden mean, are found throughout the planet in both organic and inorganic matter.”  For this articles’ purpose, we will not delve into the golden mean or phi except to say, they are formed in spirals and are found throughout the planet.  Again, the hand of the divine in our creation.  The spirit of God moves and works in a spiral fashion.  This is proved and again and again as we move through nature and our natural being.

Finally, the chakras are formed in a spiral fashion in our elemental body.  “First, we know that the chakra system is a system of wheel upon wheel.  These wheels gather and receive information by reading the energetic field around you, and help you know and ‘read’ the field around you.”  If we meditate on this fact, we can see that the chakra system is a system of spirals, created by spirit in a way we can read and understand our feelings and heart.  Open your heart, open your mind and listen to your Higher Self connection.  Our understanding of spiritual, emotion and our physical being, are all created by the Divine, in that spiral fashion and are there for us to tap into and feel the spirit of God.

Understanding the Magnanimous Dimension

Mastering Your 5D Self Stack

Keeping ourselves in our 5D awareness is not always easy. It is a learned practice that we can continue to keep throughout our lives. A prolific teacher and practical mystic, Maureen St. Germain offers guidance to facilitate this practice and can help individuals understand the significance of the process. In her latest book, Mastering Your 5D Self, she explains: “When your emotions are balanced, they align and move quickly through the fourth dimension and into your fifth-dimensional body. This is when you may easily align with your highest purpose and your most evolved self.” (Mastering Your 5D Self, p. 54)
This shift from fourth to fifth dimension can be accomplished in several ways. Maureen St. Germain discusses these methods: “The easiest way is to start with a clear intention and then work things out from there. Begin with a visual or an intention that clearly shows the results of being fifth dimension in a third-dimensional body. Your first objective is to make sure you are lined up.” (Mastering Your 5D Self, p. 54)
How do we line up? Maureen St. Germain offers guidance: “Notice what resistance you have in your body. Notice what resistance you have in your mind. Notice your resistance in your heart. Invite all this resistance to be released. Sometimes it is released through movement (somatics, which involves the mind-body connection, is ideal). Sometimes it is released through exercise (qigong, which integrates posture, breathing and movement, is spectacular for that). And sometimes it can be released through various outside healers and therapies.” (Mastering Your 5D Self, p. 54)
Whichever way we chose to release this resistance, living in our 5D existence is most satisfying and, frankly, is the way we can all create our own heaven while on earth. Open your seven receptive chakras, work daily with your higher self-connection and you will find achieving your 5D experience is second nature and easily obtained. Your life will become fuller and more satisfying, and your divine self will become that link to Spirit that we all wish to achieve.
Understanding this magnanimous dimension is possible by contacting spiritual knowledge facilitator Maureen St. Germain and her St. Germain Mystery School today.